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Special Eurobarometer report confirms: Europe's citizens are innovation-friendly


Innobarometer 2005 Following a recent survey, a majority of 57% of EU citizens feel attracted towards innovative products or services. This is the result of a special Eurobarometer survey launched by DG ENTR. A total of 30,000 citizens were interviewed in the 25 Member States plus Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Croatia.

The report concludes that the "European market seems to be quite diverse when it comes to national citizens' preferences for opting for innovative products and services.

The typology analysis reveals four groups which can be distinguished in terms of their attitudes towards innovation: the 'anti-innovation' group make up 16% of interviewees in the EU, the 'reluctant' group comprises 33% of the sample, the 'attracted' group corresponds to 39% and finally the 'enthusiasts' represent 11% of respondents. Slovakia, Malta, Slovenia, Luxembourg as well as Turkey and Romania boast among the highest proportion of 'enthusiasts' corresponding to close to one in five citizens.

The highest proportions of 'anti-innovation' respondents are in Southern Europe and notably in Greece (22%), Cyprus (21%), Portugal (20%) and Bulgaria (20%)."

Special report: Population Innovation Readiness
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