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PRO INNO Europe is a new innovation policy initiative intended to become the focal point of innovation policy analysis and development throughout Europe. It aims to improve policy learning based on sharing experiences with examples of best practice throughout the EU and to increase and improve trans-national innovation policy cooperation.

The initiative unites the previously separate PAXIS initiative, the TrendChart on Innovation in Europe , including the European Innovation Scoreboard , and the series of innovation policy studies in a common framework. Existing policy analysis and benchmarking activities will thus be integrated with new incentives for trans-national cooperation, innovation actions and policy learning methods. A strong regional dimension will be created by developing cooperation with the Innovating Regions in Europe (IRE) network.


PRO-INNO Europe is based on three pillars accommodating a total of eight modules . Each of these follows a specific key aim of the initiative, as shown in the chart below. Please click on the headlines of the objectives to learn more about the initiative’s aims.

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The INNO-Metrics module will analyse and benchmark innovation performance across Europe. It will develop the European Innovation Scoreboard in order to pinpoint regional and national strengths and weaknesses in innovation policy. As an ongoing benchmarking tool, it will also help to measure progress in innovation policy over time. INNO-Metrics, which is expected to start in early 2007, will also include elements of the Innobarometer surveys and will cooperate with the Joint Research Centre for further statistical and economic analysis.
The INNO-Policy TrendChart watch module will monitor innovation policy trends in Europe and analyse new policy developments at regional and national levels. INNO-Policy TrendChart will be launched in early 2007 to contribute to policy assessment and the identification of good practice. In this context, synergies with the ERA-Watch project will be used to create extra added value. The module will be supported by a strong network of national correspondents to facilitate a better coverage of regional innovation policy aspects.
The INNO-Appraisal module aims to create, strengthen and consolidate a sound evaluation culture in Europe. Building on different evaluation studies of existing innovation and research programmes, it will collect, analyse and report on the evaluation of various innovation initiatives. INNO-Appraisal will be launched in early 2007.
The INNO-Views module is intended to explore new or better innovation policy instruments by establishing a dialogue between different innovation stakeholders. The module will be launched in early 2007 and will contribute to and liaise with the results achieved in other modules of the PRO INNO Europe initiative (notably INNO-Nets and INNO-Actions, as well as the INNO-Learning Platform).
The INNO-Learning Platform module is a new tool for policy learning and translational cooperation. Bringing together key innovation policy actors and drawing lessons from examples of best practice, the Learning Platform will initiate an open, interactive process intended to prepare for future INNO-Actions and INNO-Nets. The Learning Platform will be launched in 2006.
The INNO-Nets module is designed to stimulate trans-national cooperation between national or sub-national innovation programmes, for example in areas like cluster policies or access to finance. The module can finance cooperation projects for up to three years. The first cooperation agreements are expected to be signed in summer 2006.
The INNO-Actions module will provide incentives for joint actions of different innovation agencies and other not-for-profit organisations in areas relevant to innovation policy (including, for example, intellectual property rights or technology transfer). The first actions funded under the terms of this module (for a maximum of two years) are expected to begin in summer 2006.
The INNO-GRIPS will compile and further analyse world-wide existing studies and information on innovation policy-making, business innovation and academic discussions and deliver digests and studies on emerging innovation issues. This pool of knowledge will be publicly available in a systematic and up-dated way. It will also provide a platform for open discussion among experts, such as eminent academics, innovation policy designers and business innovation leaders. It aims to serve as an “early-warning” system for policy-makers to identify appropriate policy responses.

Although these actions are different in nature, they form part of a wider integrated policy approach intended to develop new and better innovation policies based on sound policy analysis and reliable statistics. This will prepare the ground for innovation actions covering the whole range of policy aspects and involving a multitude of different actors.


delivered by PRO INNO Europe will include an annual Innovation Progress Report, annual country reports and an inventory of innovation policy measures and programmes as well as a database for innovation studies and policy papers.


PRO INNO Europe will be implemented in two stages, beginning in July 2006. The first stage in mid-2006 will see the launch of four modules: INNO-Learning Platform, INNO-Nets, INNO-Actions and INNO-GRIPS.

The modules INNO-Metrics, INNO-Policy TrendChart, INNO-Appraisal and INNO-Views will be launched during the second stage of the implementation of PRO INNO Europe, in time for the initiative to become fully operational by early 2007 .


The initiative will primarily draw on funds from FP6 and, as of 2007, from the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme . The implementation of most modules is based on a call for proposals launched through a Specific Support Action of FP6. The INNO-Learning Platform, INNO-Nets, INNO-Actions and INNO-GRIPS are based on the INNOV-9 call for proposals.


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