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European IPR Helpdesk

ipr_hd.gifThrough its Helpline, the European IPR Helpdesk provides tailor-made assistance on Intellectual Property (IP) issues free of charge to current and potential beneficiaries of EU-funded projects, focusing on Research and Technical Development (RTD) and Competitiveness and Innovation Programmes (CIP).

With the aim of raising awareness of the importance of good management of the IP assets within EU-funded projects, the European IPR Helpdesk conducts various awareness actions and provides training on IP rights and management issues throughout the EU; each training and awareness action is prepared according to the particular needs of the target group.

An informative website on IP and the EU funded projects is available, and Newsletter and Bulletin services provide relevant content and information of the latest IP developments.

The European IPR Helpdesk also gives support in IP matters to EU SMEs, including micro-enterprises in the process of negotiating or concluding transnational partnership agreements, especially through the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).