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Electronic Commerce

Electronic public procurement for European industry

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The ELPRO project, part of the EU�s TAP programme, aims to develop a set of value-added services for electronic public procurement in Europe. Coordinated by the University of Sunderland in the UK, the project targets public administrations in both the European Union and member states, procuring entities in the public and private sectors, and suppliers both real and potential, particularly SMEs and publishers. The ELPRO consortium includes two main user types: procuring entities and publishers/information brokers.
ELPRO will provide a value-added network and software tools to support not only the information dissemination phase of the procurement process, but also the whole procurement cycle. Using advanced networking and multimedia technology, the project aims to help simplify and speed up the procurement process for European industry, thus improving cash flow. The service provided by ELPRO should enable procuring entities to generate optimal telematics support services for local SMEs, while allowing them to capture the efficiency benefits of electronic procurement for themselves.
The demonstration shows ELPRO�s regional procurement information partnership and business information networks targeted at SMEs. A range of free and paid-for telematics services, including fax-on-demand, multimedia mail, Internet and X.400-based services are used to illustrate how SME support networks can be established via any telematics environment in Europe.

Contact: Thomas TREUTLER
Company Informations Management GmbH (D)

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