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A multilingual information society for all

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The three-year MLIS (Multilingual Information Society) Programme was launched in November 1996 by DG XIII of the European Commission in order to promote the linguistic diversity of the European Union in the Information Society (1997-1999).
MLIS sets out to stimulate the provision of multilingual services, to create favourable conditions for the language industries and to reduce the cost of information transfer among languages. The programme supports the construction of an infrastructure for European language resources, mobilises and expands language industries and promotes the use of advanced language tools in the European public sector.
The core objective of the MLIS Programme is to create the right conditions for a multilingual Information Society by building on current European initiatives and exploiting the opportunities offered by an increasingly networked environment. To achieve this ambitious goal, a coherent set of initiatives and projects have been launched focusing on three main lines of action:
Supporting the creation of a framework of services for European language resources (multilingual electronic dictionaries, terminology databases, text corpora, etc.).
Encouraging the use of language technologies, resources and standards. Promoting public sector use of advanced language tools in the Member States. Companies, public sector organisations, the language industries and citizens can all benefit from the MLIS Programme.

Contact: Karsten STROERUP
Company European Commission (L)

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