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Biometric customer recognition for secure access control and banking transactions

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Secure access control is a key issue in banking services. The magnetic-stripe bankcards and personal identification numbers currently used to access automatic teller machines (ATMs) do not always provide a sufficient degree of security and are an easy target for criminal operations. The alternative of direct surveillance via a monitoring system does not guarantee security either; human performance of surveillance tasks can vary in efficiency due to fatigue and work distractions.
The VIRSBS project focuses on providing greater security for controlled access to restricted areas and for checking the personal identity of individuals such as bank customers. The project has overseen the development of a new system, based on intelligent, biometric visual recognition that should have a major impact on man-machine interaction and provide a more natural way for people to interact with security systems.
The demonstration at IST 98 aims to show the capabilities and potential of a personal identity verification system based solely on biometric data. A customer stands in front of the system while an operator controls image-acquisition and stores the resulting biometric data on a personal chip card. The person will then approach a prototype station resembling a standard ATM machine and insert the personal chip card into the card reader. Images will be acquired and processed while the customer is approaching the system. If the data stored on the card matches the biometric data extracted from the images, the customer will be acknowledged for a transaction. Otherwise, the card will be rejected and the system is ready for the next customer.

Contact: Massimo TISTARELLI
Company University of Genoa - DIST (I)

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