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Calls in 2003 and 2004

Two calls for proposals with fixed deadlines were foreseen for 2003 and 2004. These were open for all instruments but about 2/3 of the budget was expected to be devoted to the new instruments , Integrated Projects and Networks of Excellence. A third call is currently open for Specific Support Actions and Coordination Actions.

In addition, one call for continuous submission is currently open for the FET open scheme. Details on the implementation of this call are given in paragraph, in the FET section of the Work Programme. A FET Proactive Initiatives call with a fixed deadline opened on 15 June 2004, as did a second joint call between Priorities 2 and 3.

The timetable of the fixed deadline calls for proposals based on the WP2003-2004 and the first WP update of June 2004 is as follows:

Fixed deadline:

  • Call 1 - publication 17/12/2002, closing 24/4/2003, with an indicative budget of around 1070 M €. The call follows a one-stage procedure
  • Call 2 - publication 17/6/2003, closing 15/10/2003, with an indicative budget of around 525 M €. The call follows a one-stage procedure
  • A joint call on " manufacturing, products and services engineering in 2010 " with thematic priority 3. The call will follow a two-stage procedure. The publication will be on 17/12/2002; the deadline for the first stage (short proposals) is 24/4/2003 and the deadline for the second stage (full proposals) is 16/9/2002. The call had an indicative budget of 25 M € for thematic priority 2
  • Call 3 - publication 1/6/2004, closing 22/9/2004, with an indicative budget of around 28 M €. The call follows a one-stage procedure
  • Second joint call between thematic priorities 2 and 3, publication 15/6/2004, closing 14/10/2004, with an indicative budget of around 180 M

The first two calls will draw on the 2003 and 2004 budgets. The third call will draw on the 2005 budget except for FET proactive initiatives that will draw on both 2004 and 2005 budgets 1 .

Continuous submission:

  • Only for the FET open scheme: call published on 17/12/2003 and ending on 31/12/2004 with an indicative budget of 60 M €. The call follows a two-stage procedure

Budget allocation per Strategic Objective

For fixed deadline calls 1 and 2, 80% of the budget is pre-distributed on the Strategic Objectives (SOs) to provide an indication of the effort that will be devoted to each of these objectives. The remaining 20% is not pre-allocated to a specific Strategic Objective, but will be allocated after the call based on the quality of proposals and the relevance of the suggested work. This will also enable, in particular, the support of proposals that cut across the objectives addressed in the call.

Only proposals addressing the SOs open in a specific call will be supported with the exception of General Accompanying Actions that cut across the SOs of the IST Work Programme.

1 35 M € of the 2004 budget are pre-allocated for FET proactive initiatives in Call 3

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