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Artemis Technology Platform

Advanced Research and Development on Embedded Intelligent Systems

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Steering Board

Artemis logo The Artemis Steering Board was previously known as the Steering Group. The composition of the Steering Board can be found here . The meetings and activities are summarised below.

Second Steering Board Meeting, Brussels, 3 March 2005

The main points on the agenda included the expansion of the Steering Board and the content of the Strategic Research Agenda. Other important topics included the funding strategy and the conference.

Steering Board Meeting, The Hague (NL), 17 November 2004

The Steering Board was formed when the current Steering Group formally adopted the ARTEMIS Terms of Reference ( PDF , 83KB) and effectively launched the platform. Details of the ARTEMIS Strategic Agenda were discussed.

Steering Group meeting, Rome, 28 June 2004

The High Level Steering Group Meeting was held on 28th June and was co-chaired by Commissioner Liikanen and Prof. Neuvo (senior Vice President Nokia). The meeting reached an agreement on the "Building ARTEMIS" report by the High-Level Group that describes the vision and challenges of the Platform. This was signed by the senior executives of all organisations involved in the Platform and by the Commissioner. The event included a workshop where the Platform was presented to the wider scientific community.

Steering Group Meeting, 11 March 200

The Steering Group meeting took was chaired by Y. Neuvo of Nokia. The meeting discussed a draft document on the motivation, objectives and challenges that the Platform should tackle, and decided the creation of three Working Groups (WG) on Application Drivers, Technology Challenges and on Platform Governance. A Core Group of companies Core Group (Nokia, Thales, Daimler-Chrysler, ST and Philips) was set up to oversee progress.

Consultation meeting on Technology Platforms for Embedded Systems, 12 January 2004

On 12th January 2004, Erkki Liikanen, European Commissioner for Enterprise and the Information Society met with top level executives from major European Companies to discuss future challenges the embedded systems industry is facing. The aim of the consultation meeting was to measure the level of industrial interest and support for a Technology Platform centred on Embedded Systems. As more IT is increasingly embedded in all kinds of products and systems to provide new functionality and competitive advantage, systems design becomes a major challenge and a vast new potential is created for new applications that needs to be exploited.

The Technology Platform initiative was strongly endorsed by the industrial representatives and a steering group was set up to initiate the process. This initial meeting addressed the content, structure and management of the platform. A Steering Group was set up, with the goal of defining the framework for an Embedded Systems Technology Platform by the end of 2004.

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