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Network and Communication Technologies

Networked Media Systems

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to the home page presenting the activities of DG Information Society ( DG INFSO ) in the field of the Networked Audio-Visual ( AV ) systems. In this field DG INFSO aims at supporting research and development of open, trusted and interoperable multimedia user platforms and devices. The main focus is notably on platforms used on broadcasting and on delivery of fully interactive services to the home user capabilities. These developments will lead to the concept of "extended home", where the users will enjoy seamless access to a diversity of multimedia content. For further information on the objectives of DG INFSO on Networked Audiovisual systems please click here.

Co-ordination with related R&D activities and developments at national and International levels ensures that EU funded R&D efforts are appropriately and efficiently used. At the same time the impact of the research work is "extended" through its co-ordination/interaction with related aspects such as policy, regulation, spectrum, and standardisation . In terms of policy and regulations the following aspects will be addressed in year 2004.

Audiovisual Services

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Significant efforts are devoted in the dissemination of research results through conferences, workshops , newsletters , WWW presence, scientific Publications , etc. Further information on the dissemination of results for the year 2004 can be obtained here .