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Network and Communication Technologies

Networked Media Systems

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Pervasive Networked Systems

Organised by the European Commission Directorate
“Network and Communication technologies”


6 & 7 March 2006 – room AB-0A - Borschette Center - Brussels


9:00 - 9:15 Welcome address

Dr João Da Silva , Director ‘Network and Communication technologies’
European Commission, DG Information Society and Media

Morning Session Chair: Pr Ramjee PRASAD, Univ Of Aalborg

9:15 – 11:15 Stream A1, State of the Art & Visio – The System and Technological perspective. (Speaking slot: ~ 20mn)

This stream is expected to provide vision on the future evolutions towards pervasive networked systems and devices, with a mid to long term perspective.
It is intended to give insight into the various economic, technological and application trends driving evolution of architectures that may be considered for future systems of “networked objects”. The steam should also generically introduce technological open issues and future challenges at system level.

Research Views
- Prof Petri MAHOENEN , University Aachen
- Dr Pekka SILVENNOINEN , Director, VTT
Industry Views
- Dr Gilles PRIVAT , Senior Scientist, France Telecom R&D
- Dr George BILCHEV , Head of Sensor Networks Research BT
A view from the ITU
- Mrs Lara SRIVASTAVA , New Initiatives Programme Manager, ITU
Concluding Remarks, Bridging research and Business
- Dr. Krishna NATHAN , Director IBM Zurich Research Lab

11:40 - 12:55 Stream A2, The security, Privacy and Society Dimension (Speaking slot: ~ 15mn)

This stream should take a system perspective of the various security issues that can be encountered in pervasive networked systems having to support high flexibility and reconfigurability constraints.
- Dr Pim TUYLS , Senior Scientist, Philips Research
- Prof Michel RIGUIDEL , Head of ICT Dept, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications
- Dr Stephan J. ENGBERG , Founder, Open Business Innovation and Priway
- Dr Frank STAJANO , Lecturer, University of Cambridge

- Mr Paul Stam de JONGE , Group Director - RFID Solutions, Logica (security appli)

Afternoon Session Chair: Pr Michel Riguidel, ENST

14:45 - 16:05 Stream B1: The application and Industrial perspective (Speaking slot: ~ 20mn)

This stream is expected to take a mid to long term perspective in identifying requirements for future applications taking advantage of pervasive networked technologies such as RFID and their likely evolution towards smart objects. Application fields are tentatively assigned to the identified speakers.
- Prof. Dr. Elgar FLEISCH , Head of Dept, Auto-ID Labs St. Gallen (production, logistics and services)
- Ing Francesco LILLI , Head of Technologies Department, Telematics Systems, Centro Ricerche, FIAT (automotive appli)
- Dr. Martin ELIXMANN , Head of the Connectivity Dept, Philips Research (home, medical, or car)
- Mary MURPHY-HOYE , Senior Principal Engineer & Joe BUTLER, Co-Director, IT Research, Intel Corporation

16:25 - 18:05 Stream B2: The application and Industrial perspective (c’d) (Speaking slot: ~ 20mn)

- Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Dieter THOBEN , University of Bremen (production and manufacturing)
- Dr. Claus BIERMANN , representing Mr. Reinhold ACHATZ, VP Siemens, (health)
- Dr. Tapani RYHAENEN , Head of Strategic Research, Mobile Devices
- Prof.Dr. -Ing Hendrik BERNDT , Senior VP, CTO, NTT DoCoMo Labs Europe
- Dr Uwe KUBACH , Director, SAP research Dresden (PROMISE, enterprise management)


Session Chair: Mr Rainer Zimmermann, European Commission

9:00 - 10:30 Stream C, Snapshot of IST initiatives (Speaking slot: ~ 15mn)

This stream will introduce the main research topics of a number of running or completed IST projects in the field of pervasive networked devices and will outline the main challenges for future collaborative R&D.
EYES (objects networking)
- Dr Nirvana MERATNIA , Researcher, University of Twente.
E_SENSE (RFID/objects networking):
- Dr Pierre R. CHEVILLAT , Manager Sensor Networks, IBM Zurich
- Mr. Juha SAARNIO , Head of Industrial Initiatives, Nokia Research
- Dr. Cecilia MASCOLO , Advanced Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer, University college London
UBISEC&SENSE (security aspects of networked objects):
- Dr. Dirk WESTHOFF , Senior Researcher, NEC Labs Europe
CRUISE (Noe on technologies)
- Dr. Ir. Neeli R. PRASAD , Head of Wireless Security and Sensor Networks Lab, Aalborg University

Session Chair: Pr Petri Mahoenen, Univ. Of Aachen

11:00 - 12:15 Stream D, Beyond Europe (Speaking slot: ~ 20-25mn)

This stream will introduce views in US and in Asia on current and expected developments in the field of networked ubiquitous systems and smart networked devices.
- Chair Prof/Dr. IAN F. AKYILDIZ Georgia Institute of Technology
- Dr Shingo OHMORI , Vice President NICT
- Prof. Dr. Daeyoung KIM , Auto-ID Labs Information and Communications University.


Panel Moderator: Pr Petri Mahoenen, Univ Of Aachen

13:30 - 14:30 PANEL Discussion future evolution & collaborative Research requirements

This moderated panel discussion will gather all speakers of the R&D morning presentations and will provide an opportunity for interactive debate with the audience.


Panel Moderator: Pr Petri Mahoenen, Univ Of Aachen

14:45 - 16:15 Stream E: Possible barriers to deployment (Speaking slot: ~ 20mn)

This stream will go beyond R&D issues to address economic, privacy, regulatory, policy and consumer acceptance issues that may derive from the implementation of networked pervasive technologies.
- Dr Patrik FALTSTROM , Member of Internet architecture board, Cisco
Internet of things, governance
- Dr Ewan SUTHERLAND , Former Executive Director, International Telecommunications Users Group
Consumer and privacy issues of ubiquitous technologies
- Dr. Françoise ROURE , Conseil général des technologies de l'information
From digital object identification to digital identification of people
- Mr Simon FORGE , SCF Associates
Radio spectrum management and ubiquitous network society

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