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Fixed Deadline Calls

  • RTD Projects (including INCO Bursaries) -
    (Call part identifier: IST-99-2-1A)
  • Take-Up Actions (Call part identifier: IST-99-2-1B)

  • The last date of submission of 'Fixed Deadline' proposals was 17 January 2000 - this part of the call is now closed.

Continous Submission Scheme

  • FET Open - (Call part identifier: IST-99-2-2A)
    This part of the call was reopened in the calls following call 2. Please see the call 8 page .

  • Accompanying Measures, Concerted Actions/Thematic Networks (including INCO Bursaries) - (Call part identifier: IST-99-2-2B)
    The last date of proposal submission was 17 January 2000. This part of the call is now closed.

  • "Grant Applications" (Partial Support for: Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Exhibitions) - (Call part identifier: IST-99-2-2B)

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    Additional user guidance

To prepare a proposal for this call, you will require:
Call text
Work Programme (version, 1999)
Guide for Proposers:

Part 1 (Common)

Part 2a (Fixed Deadline Proposals)

Errata 15.10.99 - Guide for Proposers Part 2a
Word PDF
Part 2b (Continuous Submission Scheme)
Part 2c (Grant Applications - Subventions)
Proposal Preparation Tool (Electronic Submission)

Administrative Forms (Part A) 1

Evaluation Manual
Additional Reference documents:
  • IST Guidelines for Evaluators - Final Edition, 16 June 1999
    MS Word - PDF

Additional user guidance

Most documents are available in PDF and DOC (WORD97) format. For space and transmission reasons the DOC files have been compressed (zipped). If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat or WORD 97 or higher installed on your computer, please see the instructions below.

PDF files: In order to view documents in Portable Document Format, you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or above (free of charge).

DOC files: In order to view documents in WORD97, you will need to download the WORD97 Viewer (free of charge).

Minimum browser requirements

Please note that during peak hours (10:00 - 17:00 C.E.T.) the download time might be slow and we therefore encourage users to try again at another time.

(1) Part 2 of the Guide for Proposers contains the programme-specific forms (Parts B & C). The Administrative Forms (Part A) required for the different measures supported under the call must be downloaded separately.

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