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Design for All


To apply and demonstrate design-for-all principles in the development and piloting of mainstream IST-based products and services to ensure that they better address the needs of the widest range of user categories.

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Projects & Clusters

This theme encompassed two calls and resulted in 4 projects having a combined funding support of ~5M.
1999 call 1 CPA3 Design for all for an inclusive information society 3 projects
1999 call 2 CPA3 Design for all for an inclusive information society 1 project

The table below lists all the projects in this theme, the call they resulted from, a project reference and acronym. Project titles will be displayed if you hover over the project acronyms and links are provided to the CORDIS project-fact-sheet database.
call Project Reference Acronym Factsheet
1 IST-1999-11577 Eye-2-Eye Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-12223 PACKAGE Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-13470 WAI-DA Fact Sheet
2 IST-1999-14166 DASDA Fact Sheet

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