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GRID Testbeds


This theme aims at the development, integration and validation of GRID technologies and their applications in research, industry and for addressing societal challenges. Work ranges from GRID technology building blocks to GRID-related middleware and large scale applications and also includes test beds.

The target Grid technologies and applications cover one or more of the following layers:

  • Computational GRIDs which are the basic layer for harnessing processing power by distributing massive computational tasks to numerous resources (compute cycles and data storage) over matching communication links.
  • Information and knowledge GRIDs allowing access to dispersed information, and knowledge discovery and extraction from diverse knowledge resources. They make use of cognitive techniques and tools such as data mining, machine learning, content semantics, ontology engineering, information visualisation and intelligent agents.

Grid technologies are also to be interpreted in a broad sense including technologies for Peer-to-Peer Computing (P2P) using commodity hardware to enable the co-ordinated use of geographically distributed resources without central control. Focus is on:

  • Development of large-scale applications where computing, data and/or knowledge intensive requirements justify a Grid approach (physics, meteorology, environment, earth observation, biology and health, aeronautics, automotive, e-business, e-learning, entertainment etc.). Implementation and integration problems as well as security, business and organisational issues are to be considered.
  • Development or improvement of computing-, information- or knowledge GRID-specific toolkits including grid security infrastructure, software and system architectures that ensure performance and scalability of solutions together with usability and functionality. Programming methods covering the entire software development cycle can also be included.
  • Solving of interoperability issues between Grid technologies and commodity middleware to facilitate integration with legacy systems. Promotion of standards and reusable elements of broad usability.
  • Building test-beds "at full scale" (where international links are encouraged) to integrate and implement diverse underlying technologies for end to end service deployment in the context of full scale applications.
  • Conducting trials aiming at the introduction of the "Grid at large" in industrial, commercial and societal applications. A trial would typically consist of two major steps: (i) integration of existing technologies and set-up of a prototype Grid environment responding to true industrial, commercial and/or societal requirements; (ii)preparation, execution and evaluation of a number of applications driven by real users and carried out in collaboration with the respective technology and service providers.
  • The creation of advanced facilities for demonstration and training.

Contact person

Projects & Clusters

This theme encompassed two calls and resulted in 14 projects having a combined funding support of ~31M.
2001 Call 6 CPA9: Grid test beds, deployment and technologies 6 projects
2002 Call 8 8 projects

The table below lists all the projects in this theme, the call they resulted from, a project reference and acronym. Project titles will be displayed if you hover over the project acronyms and links are provided to the CORDIS project-fact-sheet database.
call Project Reference Acronym Factsheet
6 IST-2001-32133 GRIDLAB Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-32243 CROSSGRID Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-32257 GRIP Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-32409 EGSO Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-32459 DATATAG Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-33240 GRIA Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-37153 GEMSS Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-37238 OPENMOLGRID Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-37244 MOSES Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-38100 GRACE Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-38344 BIOGRID Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-38433 FLOWGRID Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-38491 COG Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-39045 SELENE -no factsheet-

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