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Find the most recent information on EU Funding activities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by visiting our ICT in FP7 website , which covers ICT in the 7 th Framework Programme (FP7) 2007 - 2013.

Welcome to 'IST Cross Programme Themes'

Cross-programme Themes, in particular Cross-Programme Actions (CPA's) were a particular feature of IST in FP5 and provided a measure of flexibility that enabled proposals cutting across the architecture of the programme as well as providing a way of reacting to emerging RTD needs. We are now at the end of the sequence of IST calls under the Fifth Framework Programme and making preparations for the first calls of the Sixth Framework Programme. It is therefore an appropriate time to summarise the results of the calls and to present the project portfolio structured not by time-sequence but as clusters of projects that address a common set of goals. In total we have developed 19 distinct themes during the period 1999-2002. We received some 960 proposals which, after evaluation and selection, have resulted in the launching of 244 projects supported by a budget of 435M.

Indeed the Council decision for the IST programme foresaw the possibility of developing themes that cut-across the Key Actions defined in the decision. That decision included a provision in the indicative budget of "at least 10% for cross-programme themes, and a minimum of 2% for integrated application platforms." as a means to support both the integrated nature of the IST Programme and of the underlying convergence of information processing, communications and media and the multidisciplinary research required. Consequently the objective of the CPA's has been to ensure that topics associated with more than one Key Action are addressed in a coherent manner, with each Key Action concentrating on and contributing from its particular perspective. These activities have added value by facilitating information exchange, consensus and co-ordination in keeping with the objectives of the themes.

Cross-Programme Actions (CPA's) have been defined in each of the four IST workprogrammes 1999-2002. Their number has steadily grown from the four included in WP1999, to eight in WP2000, to thirteen in WP2001. For the last workprogramme (WP2002) four CPAs were included and conceived in the context of providing a "bridge to FP6" on topics of strategic importance for IST-in-FP6.

The complete set of CPA projects are presented within the 19 thematic groups on the sub-pages linked to this CPA-home-page (accessible via the left-hand side-bar). If you hover over the project acronyms you will see the full title of the project, if you click on the "factsheet" link you will be presented with a page taken out of the CORDIS database that gives more details of the project objectives and participating organisations.

Note that a great deal of work has also been done on clustering of projects. Many of these clusters also span the IST programme. An inventory of active clusters is available for download ( link )

Besides thanking all those researchers who responded to the calls by submitting proposals and in addition to my best wishes those that succeeded in gaining contracts, I would like to thank the 75 or so Commission project officers (coming from all parts of the programme) who contributed to the support of the IST CPA activities, and in particular those who led the individual teams as "batonholder" CPA theme leaders.

If you have any further questions regarding CPAs, please contact me via the email link below.

(email removed) - CPA coordinator (October 2002)

Full list of CPA Themes

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