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Infomobility & Geographic Information


This theme is a combination of two distinct, but linked calls. One addresses "Info-mobility", while the second focused on "Geographic Information Systems".

  • Infomobility aimed to develop, demonstrate and validate new/improved user friendly info-mobility services for transport/travel, business, tourism, leisure and other applications. These being realised by linking fixed/mobile communications with navigation/positioning, efficient transmission and delivery over the network as well geo-information. These services allow the mobile citizen to have seamless access to, and interaction with, personalised - location dependent - rich content multimedia information, that are are, at the same time, essential parts of the autonomous and self-configuring business structures emerging in electronic businesses.
  • Geographic Information Sytems help improve citizens' awareness and comfort, industrial competitiveness and the efficiency of public administrations by enhancing and supporting the use, access and management of geo-information. Work will cover research and development, demonstration and validation of geo-information and is expected to contribute to the e Europe initiative and in particular to the priority actions on 'government online', 'citizen environmental awareness', 'intelligent transport systems', to the recommendations of the green paper on access to public information and to the actions on European digital content. Target application domains include transport, mobility, tourism, entertainment, e-map, e-Commerce, statistics, meteorology, environment (e.g. modelling systems for preventive, early warning and relief purposes, environmental monitoring, risk assessment and decision support, environmental data management), as well as intelligent publishing and delivery mechanisms.

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Projects & Clusters

This theme encompassed two calls and resulted in 15 projects having a combined funding support of ~30M.
2000 Call 5 CPA3: Ubiquitous and intelligent info-mobility and geo-information systems 8 projects
2001 Call 7 Use of Geographic Information 7 projects

The table below lists all the projects in this theme, the call they resulted from, a project reference and acronym. Project titles will be displayed if you hover over the project acronyms and links are provided to the CORDIS project-fact-sheet database.
call Project Reference Acronym Factsheet
5 IST-2000-30038 CAPITALS ITTS Fact Sheet
5 IST-2000-30041 MOVIES Fact Sheet
5 IST-2000-30047 IMAGE Fact Sheet
5 IST-2000-30071 ASAP Fact Sheet
5 IST-2000-30090 GIMODIG Fact Sheet
5 IST-2000-30155 LOVEUS Fact Sheet
5 IST-2000-30158 PARAMOUNT Fact Sheet
5 IST-2000-31041 WEBPARK Fact Sheet
7 IST-2001-32805 ROADMAP Fact Sheet
7 IST-2001-34039 I-MARQ Fact Sheet
7 IST-2001-34245 GIMMI Fact Sheet
7 IST-2001-34281 GEOTRACEAGRI Fact Sheet
7 IST-2001-34386 BRIDGE-IT Fact Sheet
7 IST-2001-34641 NATURE-GIS Fact Sheet
7 IST-2001-35306 EPDIS Fact Sheet

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