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Find the most recent information on EU Funding activities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by visiting our ICT in FP7 website , which covers ICT in the 7 th Framework Programme (FP7) 2007 - 2013.

Integrated Programme Portfolio Analysis

The Integrated Programme Portfolio Analysis (IPPA) is a programme management tool that provides an overview on the portfolio of projects. It is updated following each call for proposals and is conducted by a group of external experts. A report on the findings of these experts is issued after each exercise and includes, in addition to the observations, a list of possible project clusters that could be of value to the programme.

The objectives of IPPA are to:

  • Provide a programme-level overview on the response to a specific call for proposals and to generate a global analysis of the programme "portfolio" of projects. In particular, it examines the portfolio characteristics (e.g. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) from the technical perspective, the type of constituency attracted, the risk profile of projects, the market coverage, the socio-economic dimensions and the exploitation horizons.
  • Analyse the trends in the development of the portfolio against the vision, the priorities and foci in the successive Workprogrammes (WP).
  • Identify possible clustering topics across the programme that can maximise the impact.

The IPPA report is intented to impact the revision of the WP, the calls for proposals and the evaluation mechanism.

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