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Mobile Applications & Services (including 2.5/3G)


This theme brings together projects from a combination of two calls.

The first in 2001 (Call7bis) focused on take-up, selecting pan-European trial actions, which offer the mobile sector actors an opportunity to jointly develop and test, on a pan-European scale, a broad range of innovative 2.5-3G services and applications, and to validate key interoperability issues between different networks and services platforms. Particular attention is given to:

  • Interoperability/interworking androaming issues (in particular between 2.5G and 3G networks).
  • Seamless end-to-end provision of value-added services and applications including service roaming and organisation of value creation and delivery.
  • Billing and payment issues - consistency of data billing between different networks, technologies and service applications.
  • Open standards, especially for interoperability related to wireless application and service platforms, compression algorithms and coding techniques (MPEG-4, etc.).
  • Safety, security and QoS aspects.

Target applications include:

  • location-based, personalised and context-sensitive application and services for navigation and guidance, traffic and traveller information, logistics, e.g. personal locator, map download, tourist guides and assistance, on-board systems (e.g. integrated information, navigation, traffic and tracking services), automated tolling, fleet management, (3GT, MOBILE TOURIST GUIDE)
  • m-commerce/m-business and mobile work applications and services, including m-shopping, reservation & ticketing, mobile payment and billing (m-purse, micropayment, credit/debit), m-banking and -brokerage, wireless on-line auctions, mobile advertising, m-contracting, mobile assets management, remote diagnostics and maintenance, virtual presence, mobile work force and field service support, .. (ELBA, FREE-G, PROMODAS)
  • mobile enter-/infotainment, mobile learning and access to cultural heritage, e.g. mobile audio/video streaming, multi-casting, interactive games, betting, e-books, dictionaries, personalised learning delivery systems, wireless on-line information resources... (MCAST, XAUDIO)
  • emergency assistance and mobile health care applications and services, e.g. roadside assistance, location-specific call routing, vital constants follow-up, prevention, remote mobile care, -prescriptions... (EMOTION, MOBILE HEALTH).

The projects listed in brackets conduct trials in the respective application areas. In addition to these, one project (OPIUM) focuses more generically on open middleware for 2.5-3G mobile applications and the testing of involved key interoperability issues, while the accompanying study RIU253 will work out recommendations to content and service providers, application developers and operators concerning key interoperability issues.

The second in 2002 (Call8) covered research and development of user friendly applications and services, for possible deployment at pan-European level, that take full advantage of the possibilities of leading-edge mobile and wireless technologies, including third generation mobile systems and wireless LANs, in the framework of a transition from IPv4 to IPv6 based service provisioning. The focus was on integrated solutions that combined advanced mobile and wireless technologies with multi-sensorial interfacing techniques to provide innovative, secure, value-added services and applications. Inter-working and inter-operability of different solutions (e.g. 3G systems and W-LAN) are considered in order to provide the most convenient and efficient service provision as a function of the user profile, which may include the user location, with due account of security and privacy.

The range of target applications and services is identical to the one covered by Call 7bis above.

Contact person

Projects & Clusters

This theme encompassed two calls and resulted in 21 projects having a combined funding support of ~52M.

The table below lists all the projects in this theme, the call they resulted from, a project reference and acronym. Project titles will be displayed if you hover over the project acronyms and links are provided to the CORDIS project-fact-sheet database.
Call Project Reference Acronym Factsheet
7bis IST-2001-36004 MOBILE TOURIST GUIDE Fact Sheet
7bis IST-2001-36006 MOBIHEALTH Fact Sheet
7bis IST-2001-36022 XAUDIO Fact Sheet
7bis IST-2001-36025 PROMODAS Fact Sheet
7bis IST-2001-36052 FREE-G Fact Sheet
7bis IST-2001-36059 EMOTION Fact Sheet
7bis IST-2001-36063 OPIUM Fact Sheet
7bis IST-2001-36080 3GT Fact Sheet
7bis IST-2001-36510 RIU253 Fact Sheet
7bis IST-2001-36530 ELBA Fact Sheet
7bis under negotiation MCAST -no factsheet-
8 IST-2001-37055 SEMOPS -no factsheet-
8 IST-2001-37055D SEMOPS DEMO -no factsheet-
8 IST-2001-37266 SAILOR Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-37365 MUMMY Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-37422 INMOVE Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-37789 X-MOB Fact Sheet
8 Under negotiation TU AMO -no factsheet-
8 IST-2001-38160 COMPOSE Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-38846 MGAIN Fact Sheet
8 IST-2001-39117 ADAMANT Fact Sheet

News, events, documents and links

  • The Commission Communication on 3G ( 03/2001 )

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