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Find the most recent information on EU Funding activities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by visiting our ICT in FP7 website , which covers ICT in the 7 th Framework Programme (FP7) 2007 - 2013.

Regional & Sectoral Pilots


To support the development of pilot actions and demonstrations for regional or business-sector specific approaches to the digital economy, providing clear added value and benefit at a European level. Emphasis will be put on mid-to-large scale projects enjoying high-level support from the key regional players and therefore capable of leveraging additional private or public funds (regional, national or European, including structural funds) for full deployment. Focus is on enabling information society technologies that support access, connectivity, content, and the reengineering of processes and practices as catalysts for much broader dissemination and adoption of novel solutions and practices.
Priorities are:

  • Development of pilots and large scale demonstrations to support the access of SMEs to the digital economy and the interaction with their natural business environment (trade associations, public administrations/agencies, training and research centres, cultural organisations, consumer organisations, large companies, content providers, etc.) and to demonstrate innovative examples of public services in the digital age, notably in the fields of cross-border interactions, e-Democracy, health, culture, road transport and environment, in the various regions including mountain and rural areas. This includes the establishment of e-communities to network and exploit regional assets.
  • Support measures for co-operation among regions, diffusion of best practices and benchmarking in their initiatives towards the digital economy. This includes the co-operation of private and public organisations from different regions on the development and implementation of information society strategies and initiatives.

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Projects & Clusters

This theme was called once in 2001 and resulted in 12 projects having a combined funding support of ~21M.

The table below lists all the projects in this theme, the call they resulted from, a project reference and acronym. Project titles will be displayed if you hover over the project acronyms and links are provided to the CORDIS project-fact-sheet database.
call Project Reference Acronym Factsheet
6 IST-2001-32321 PRELUDE Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-32336 REGEO Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-32468 KEELAN Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-32521 CITRO Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-32591 EMIRES Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-32600 ECHAMBER -no factsheet-
6 IST-2001-32721 FASHION ON-LINE Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-33096 PANDORA -no factsheet-
6 IST-2001-33147 CB-BUSINESS Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-33162 LA MER Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-33251 LAURA Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-33315 EASYTRADE Fact Sheet

News, events, documents and links

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  • Regional Information Society Initiatives

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