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Statistical Methods and Indicators


Indicators of the knowledge based economy and society are still fragmentary and dispersed because, for instance, conceptual and practical problems in measurement are not yet resolved or because new statistical methods and tools are needed, or because there is limited international harmonization of data.

This theme focused on:

  • developing new statistical tools and methods, in particular, to support the development of the new indicators. These included new forms of data collection, processing and dissemination. More specifically, as partial and dispersed information is becoming increasingly available on the topic, developments were encouraged to explore new approaches such as textual analysis, concept and knowledge formation, etc.
  • developing indicators for the new information economy. This included work on concepts and models needed to measure appropriately the significant phenomena, work on data collection on a pilot or true scale basis, etc.
  • addressing, in the shorter term, socio-economic indicators as identified in the e Europe initiative Action Plan.

Contact persons

Projects & Clusters

This theme encompassed 7 calls and resulted in 44 projects having a combined funding support of ~59M.
1999 call 1 CPA4: New indicators & statistical methods 13 projects
1999 call 2 6 projects
2000 call 3 CPA8: Statistical tools, methods, indicators & applications for the Information Society 11 projects
2000 call 4 1 project
2000 call 5 6 projects
2001 call 6 CPA7: Socio-Economic analysis and indicators fo the Information Society 5 projects
2002 call 8 Accompanying Measures 2 projects

The table below lists all the projects in this theme, the call they resulted from, a project reference and acronym. Project titles will be displayed if you hover over the project acronyms and links are provided to the CORDIS project-fact-sheet database.
call Project Reference Acronym Factsheet
1 IST-1999-10122 CLAMOUR Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-10226 EUREDIT Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-10338 IQML Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-10536 SPIN! Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-10655 MISSION Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-10971 VL-CATS Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-11101 CHINTEX Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-11313 IMPACT Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-11764 APPETISE Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-12134 X-STATIS Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-12272 IPIS Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-12583 METAWARE Fact Sheet
1 IST-1999-12654 BUSY Fact Sheet
2 IST-1999-14208 MANTLE Fact Sheet
2 IST-1999-20350 EICSTES Fact Sheet
2 IST-1999-20782 NEWKIND Fact Sheet
2 IST-1999-20847 STING Fact Sheet
2 IST-1999-21051 ERMIS Fact Sheet
2 IST-1999-29093 METANET Fact Sheet
3 IST-2000-25069 CASC Fact Sheet
3 IST-2000-25161 ASSO Fact Sheet
3 IST-2000-26057 DACSEIS Fact Sheet
3 IST-2000-26125 AMRADS Fact Sheet
3 IST-2000-26138 FLASH Fact Sheet
3 IST-2000-26189 ECOSTAT Fact Sheet
3 IST-2000-26209 STATLAS Fact Sheet
3 IST-2000-26276 SIBIS Fact Sheet
3 IST-2000-26290 EURAREA Fact Sheet
3 IST-2000-26341 VITAMINS Fact Sheet
3 IST-2000-26347 INSPECTOR Fact Sheet
4 IST-2000-26050 COSMOS Fact Sheet
5 IST-2000-30187 BISER Fact Sheet
5 IST-2000-31071 ESIS Fact Sheet
5 under negotiation DIASTASIS -no factsheet-
5 IST-2000-31099 STILE Fact Sheet
5 IST-2000-31118 NESIS Fact Sheet
5 IST-2000-31125 DIECOFIS Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-32193 B2B METRICS Fact Sheet
6 under negotiation EPSILON -no factsheet-
6 under negotiation OPUS -no factsheet-
6 IST-2001-33199 REGIONAL-IST Fact Sheet
6 IST-2001-33386 STAT-OBJECT -no factsheet-
8 under negotiation CODACMOS -no factsheet-
8 under negotiation EUROKY-PIA -no factsheet-

News, events, documents and links

  • A document jointly produced by DG Information Society and Eurostat, describing in a non-prescriptive way some of the research issues in the field of new indicators for the new economy ( SINE - Statistical Indicators for the New Economy ).
  • Research in Statistics at Eurostat ( web site link )

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