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Communication Technologies

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Broadband for All

IST Acronym Title IST result Project Summary Press Release
  A-BARD Analysing Broadband Access for Rural Development     PDF 99KB    
  ADHOCSYS Wireless Ad Hoc Broadband Monitoring System     PDF 47KB     PDF 15KB  
  AGAVE A Lightweight Approach for Viable End-to-end IP-based QoS Services     PDF 92KB    
507312 ATHENA Digital Switchover. Developing Infrastructures for Broadband Access     PDF 249KB    
50 7554 BREAD Broadband in Europe for All: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach     PDF 148KB    
015893 BReATH Broadband e-Services and Access for the Home     PDF 125KB    
001930 BROADWAN Broadband services for everyone over fixed wireless access networks     PDF 537KB     PDF 531KB  
506745 CAPANINA Communications from Aerial Platform Networks delivering Broadband Communications for All     PDF 147KB     PDF 24KB  
2012 COCOMBINE Competition Contents  and  Broadband for   the Internet in Europe     PDF 94KB     PDF 75KB  
  PDF 140KB  
  CODMUCA Core subsystem for Delivery of Multiband Data in CATV     PDF 53KB    
002154 DIADEM FIREWALL Distributed Adaptive Security by Programmable Firewall   PDF 145KB     PDF 499KB    
  EMANICS Management Solutions for the Internet and Complex Services     PDF 187KB    
001933 e-PHOTON/ONE e-PHOTON/ONE: Towards Bandwidth Manageability and Cost Efficiency   PDF 128KB     PDF 213KB     PDF 76KB  
507613 Euro NGI Design and Engineering of the Next Generation Internet Towards convergent multi-service networks     PDF 107KB    
507646 FLEXINET Evolutionary Strategies for Radio Resource Management in Cellular Heterogeneous Networks     PDF 91KB    
507781 GANDALF Gbit/s Access Network using remote Delivery opticAL Feeder for heterogeneous broadband wireless and wireline nodes (GANDALF)     PDF 634KB    
  IMOSAN DVB-S.2/RCS Ressource Management     PDF 239KB    
  ISIS Infrastructures for Broadband Access in Wireless/Photonics and Integration of Strengths in Europe     PDF 83KB     PDF 48KB  
  PDF 162KB  
  PDF 95KB  
507509 LASAGNE All-optical label swapping employing optical logic gates in network nodes     PDF 247KB     PDF 13KB  
  MEMBRANE Multi-Element Multihop Backhaul Reconfigurable Antenna Network     PDF 296KB    
001990 MOME Monitoring and Measurement Cluster     PDF 443KB     PDF 539KB  
  MULTINET Enabler for Next Generation Service Delivery     PDF 80KB     PDF 224KB  
507295 MUSE Multi Service Access Everywhere   PDF 131KB     PDF 173KB    
  MUSICLESSONS Broadband Technologies Transforming Business Models and Challenging Regulatory Frameworks - Lessons from the Music Industry     PDF 58KB    
506760 NOBEL Next generation Optical network for Broadband in Europe     PDF 52KB    
001889 OBAN Open Broadband Access Networks     PDF 540KB    
  PDF 64KB  
  PIEMAN Photonic Integrated Extended Metro and Access Network     PDF 75KB    
  PLUTO Physical Layer DVB Transmission Optimisation     PDF 160KB     PDF 159KB  
  POF-ALL Paving the Optical Future with Affordable Lightning-fast Links     PDF 58KB     PDF 2.003KB  
  POWERNET Broadband over Powerlines that works and meets the user expectations     PDF 63KB     PDF 9.58KB  
507675 SATLIFE Satellite Access Technologies: Leading Improvements For Europe     PDF 363KB    
  SATSIX Satellite-based communications systems within IPv6 networks     PDF 266KB    
  TRIUMPH Transparent Ring Interconnection Using Multi-wavelength Photonic Switchess     PDF 92KB    
506790 U-BROAD Ultra High Bit Rate Over Copper     PDF 122KB     PDF 96KB  
  VIVALDI Advancing Interactive Broadband Satellite Access by Optimal Convergence of Session-based Services over DVB-RCS     PDF 106KB    

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