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The Lund Principles, the Lund Action Plan and its current successor

On 4 April 2001, under the Swedish EU -Presidency, the European Commission organised an expert meeting with representatives from all Member States in Lund. The conclusions and recommendations derived from this meeting are known as the Lund Principles and were further developed in the Lund Action Plan, that establishes an agenda for actions to be carried out by Member States and the Commission.

The main conclusions at Lund were for Member States:

  • to establish an evolving forum of coordination
  • to support the development of a European view on digitisation policies and programmes
  • to develop mechanisms to promote good practice and skills development
  • to collaborate to make the digitised cultural and scientific heritage of Europe visible and accessible

This is being realised through the National Representatives Group (NRG) .

The Commission could help achieve the objectives by:

  • supporting coordination activities
  • enabling the creation of centres of competence
  • fostering the development of benchmarking standards for digitisation practices
  • encouraging a framework that would enable a shared vision of European content
  • assisting Member States to improve access and awareness of citizens by enhancing the quality and usability of content and the development of models to enable eEurope entreprises

Digitisation has been supported through the European Commission's IST work programmes under FP5 and FP6 which resulted in a number of co-funded research projects and coordination actions .

The full texts of the Lund documents

Report from the expert meeting on 4 April 2001 ( PDF , 387KB)

The Lund Priniciples and the Lund Action Plan (both 2001) are available in the official languages of the EU at that time.

The 2005 action plan

In 2005, the successor of the Lund Action Plan was presented under the UK Presidency: Dynamic Action Plan for the EU coordination of digitisation of cultural and scientific content

The new action plan outlines six objectives:

  • providing strategic leadership in a dynamic and changing environment in which rapid technological and economical developments are taking place
  • strengthening co-ordination and forging stronger links between Member States' digitisation initiatives, EU networks and projects
  • continuing efforts in overcoming fragmentation and duplication of digitisation activities and maximising synergy
  • assessing and identifying appropriate models, funding and policy approaches to sustain development and long-term preservation strategies
  • promoting cultural and linguistic diversity through digital content creation
  • improving online access to European cultural content