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Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures

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Ulf Dahlsten
Ulf Dahlsten, Director

The mission of the Directorate is, within its remits, to support the overall objectives of the Commission to increase European competitiveness and help Europe to meet its societal challenges through the i2010 initiative.

Within this context and within its specific research portfolio, the Directorate coordinates and supports research contributing to the following areas: groundbreaking future generation Information Society Technologies (Future and Emerging Technologies); availability of leading edge eInfrastructure for research and education including to all Member States, accessibility for all to scientific data and digital repositories through grids and other means, and extension of the benefits of grids and new working environments to European entreprises and communities.

In doing so, the Directorate strives also to improve our own performance and to strengthen cooperation with others around it to help us to reach these objectives together.

Directorate F Overall Objectives

  • To contribute to the long term advances of IST by promoting research on Future and Emerging Technologies within the IST Priority of the Research Framework Programmes, including Frontier Research and addressing unexpected developments.
  • To contribute to the construction of the European Research Area by integrating European research efforts on selected groundbreaking objectives and by facilitating the emergence of new interdisciplinary scientific communities to address long term scientific challenges in the IST field.
  • To support the world's leading high quality, high capacity, high speed Grid-enabled communication infrastructure, to extend it to all Member States and through it, to provide access for all to scientific data and digital repositories.
  • To develop future generation Grid systems of interest in science, industry, business and society, and to extend the grid systems concept to new areas not currently covered and which can potentially benefit from this approach.
  • To extend the benefits of grids and new working environments through applications-driven research and deployment to European entreprises and communities.

The Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures pyramid: from policies to research at the frontiers of knowledge

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