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e Inclusion

Find the most recent information on EU Funding activities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by visiting our ICT in FP7 website , which covers ICT in the 7 th Framework Programme (FP7) 2007 - 2013.

FP6 Calls for Proposals

As indicated in the Work Programme the e Inclusion topic in the European 6 th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, is mainly covered by the e Inclusion Strategic Objective in the Priority 2 ( IST ) . Additional entries might be possible through other FP6 priorities, mainly Priority 8 (Support to EU Policies) and perhaps Priority 7 (Citizens and Governance in a Knowledge Society). Also, depending on the focus of the projects, it might be worth considering more technical Strategic Objectives like those related to interfaces or cognition, or objectives related to more general applications like eHealth, eTransport, eLearning, eBusiness, etc. For more fundamental research the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) activities might be more appropriate. The more directly relevant calls are highligthed below, for other ones the general IST and FP6 web pages provide the necessary details.

It might also be worth investigating other activity funding mechanisms in the Commission - through other policies ( eTEN , Structural Funds, ...); or in the Member States - either nationaly or regionaly but also at European level ( Eureka , ESF, ...); or internationally (see section on International Relations ).

For general information, the FP6 - IST helpdesk is suggested first and at national level the National Contact Points will provide relevant information and may organise general or more specialised Information-Days. However details of the team handling these activities are provided through the contact section.

Priority 2 - IST

See also Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) for the Ageing Society

The Strategic Objective ' e Inclusion' is included within Call 5 and Call 2 of the IST priority. The Call 3 of the IST priority is focused on ERA, International cooperation and increased participation from new Member States and Associated Candidate Countries. The e Inclusion topic is affected by these dimensions.

  Publication date Closure date Pre-allocated budget 1 ( M€ ) Instruments Status
Call 5 18 May 2005 21 September 2005 29 IPs , STREPs , CAs , SSAs Closed
Call 3 1 June 2004 22 September 2004 28 (global) CAs , SSAs Closed
Call 2 17 June 2003 15 October 2003 30 All 2 Closed

Priority 8 - Scientific Support to Policy

Priority-8 provides some possibilities for funding, as this domain is part of e Europe policies. "Inclusive access to the Information Society" was one of the tasks included within its Call 1 in Area 3.5. Issues related to e Inclusion were still addressed within its Call 3 Area 3.5 (inside the tasks related to broadband and ambient intelligence), while other areas managed by DG RTD might have also been of interest, e.g. Area 2.4 "Quality of life issues relating to handicapped/disabled people (including equal access facilities)" and possibly Area 2.1 for the ageing issues. Inclusive access to the Information Society is present in Call 4 Area 3.5.

  Publication date Closure date Pre-allocated budget 1 ( M€ ) Instruments Status
Call 4 30 October 2004 1 February 2005 0.5 STREPs , SSAs Closed
Call 3 10 October 2003 13 January 2004 1.8 (for all A3.5) STREPs , CAs , SSAs Closed
Call 1 17 December 2002 13 March 2003 2 STREPs , CAs Closed

External Experts

The Commission Services call on external and independent experts for assisting in the proposal evaluation process and later on in projects' technical reviews. An on-line facility is provided for registering applications for such functions. Applications are welcome for covering all aspects of the e Inclusion topic and it is important that all socio-economic categories of actors are represented: industry, researchers, user organisations. An Open Call has been issued for creating such a database of experts for the FP6 .

Publication date Closure date Status
4 December 2002 Open during FP6 Active

Calls for Tender

In the context of the policy activities the Commission Services also regularly initiate Calls for Tender. Although not related to the Framework Programme for R&D , it is worth mentioning here the calls related to eInclusion:

1 The amount corresponds to the 80% of the budget which is pre-allocated.
2 'All instruments' correspond to IPs , NoEs , STREPs , CAs , and SSAs .

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