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ICT addressing Societal Challenges

ICT for Sustainable Growth

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The Unit

The European Commission has been funding research projects on Intelligent systems for environmental applications since late 1990s ( FP4 ). Three broad work areas were addressed in FP5 , environmental monitoring and management systems, risk and emergency management , and humanitarian demining . Application domains included, floods and inland water pollution, air pollution and noise, forest fires, marine, coastal zone and oil spill monitoring, and preparedness for emergency, crisis and disaster management.

FP6 research focused on ICT for environmental risk management , including both environmental monitoring via open information architectures and sensor networks as well as ICT -enabled management of emergencies, and natural and man-made disasters via early warning, alert and rapidly deployable telecommunications. A number of integrated and targeted projects are currently ongoing, confirming the growing interest of the multi-faceted environmental constituency composed of public sector, industry, SMEs and academia. We have also been following developments in environment policy thematic strategies and action plans, civil protection and security, and contributing to initiatives such as INSPIRE, GMES and GEOSS, including international co-operation.

Past and ongoing research activities have well demonstrated the key enabling role of ICT in sustainability and confirm its contributions in the context of the i2010 initiative. The start of FP7 offers the opportunity for us to broaden the scope of challenges to be addressed, beyond environmental and disaster management themes. In this respect, future Research & Development on ICT for energy efficiency and on other emerging fields, such as the interactions between environment and health, is envisaged. In addition to research activities, we are also preparing a new initiative, with the aim to accelerate the adoption and deployment of ICT -based solutions, thus contributing directly to the Sustainable Development Strategy, the Lisbon Agenda and EU Action Plans on Resource and Energy Efficiency.

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