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Information day on IST-Call 2 "Grid-based systems for complex problem solving"

Brussels, 20 June 2003

Update : Download key presentations given at the event .


The topic "GRID based systems for complex problem solving" is one of the Strategic Objectives of the IST priority of the 6th EU Framework for Research and Technological Development 2002-2006 (FP6). This Strategic Objective will be addressed in a Call for Proposals, the closing date for which will be is 15 October 2003. In view of this call the unit in DG Information Society responsible for "GRID based systems for complex problem solving" organised an information day in Brussels on 20 June 2003.

Who and what

The information day was targeted at a wide spectrum of industrial, academic and institutional actors active in the area of GRID based systems and its current and potential applications who are considering to submit or participate in a Grid-related proposal. Approximately 180 people from industry, research and user organisations with interest in preparing a proposal actively participated in the event. It provided for them a timely opportunity to get the most up-to-date and relevant information relating to this call.

The final agenda of the event can be downloaded here , some plenary presentations given at the information day can also be downloaded from the agenda . The key points on the Agenda of the information day covered:

  • Overview of the FP6 IST Grid-related activities.
  • Overview of on-going IST research (FP5).
  • Presentation of scope and content of call as well as scientific and technical issues.
  • Explanation of new instruments in FP6.
  • Explanation of new procedures for submission and evaluation of proposals.
  • "Proposer Forum" - opportunity for proposers and interested parties to present their organisations and proposal ideas.

Proposer Forum

A total of 46 presentations were given at the information day by proposers and interested parties about proposal ideas at the 'proposer forum'.

How to register

Pre-registration for the information day is obligatory. However the deadline for registering (23 May 2003) has passed. None the less if you are still interested in participating in this event you should send the organisers a late registration as soon as possible please fill in the registration form ( ZIP ) and e-mail it to the Information Day secretary Sonja Hosman-Chevalier, (email: (email removed) ) You will then be contacted shortly and informed if you can be accommodated on the day.

Further information

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us via the 'Information Day' secretary Sonja Hosman-Chevalier (email: (email removed) ). Also visit the CORDIS ' Grids for complex problem solving ' website for more information on Grid activities funded by the EU.

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