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Complex Systems (CO): Funded Projects

STREP Projects funded by the "Simulating Emergent Properties in Complex Systems initiative"

COAST: Complex Automata Simulation Technique
Proj. Number: 033664
Project home page
EMIL: Emergence In the Loop: simulating the two way dynamics of norm innovation
Proj. Number: 033841
Project home page
EURACE: An agent-based software platform for European economic policy design with heterogeneous interacting agents: new insights from a bottom up approach to economic modeling and simulation
Proj. Number: 035086
Project home page
GENNETEC: NETworks Emergence and Complexity
Proj. Number: 034952
Project home page
PERPLEXUS: Pervasive computing framework for modeling complex virtually-unbounded systems
Proj. Number: 034632
Project home page
TAGORA: Semiotic dynamics in on-line social communities
Proj. Number: 034721
Project home page

Integrated Projects funded by the "Complex Systems" Proactive initiative

DELIS * : Dynamically Evolving, Large Scale Information Systems
Project Homepage
ECAgents * :Embodied and Communicating Agents
Project Homepage
EVERGROW * : Ever-growing global scale-free networks, their provisioning, repair and unique functions
Project Homepage
PACE * : Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution
Project Homepage

Some examples of  STREP projects in the area of "complexity" funded via the Fet Open Scheme :

We have a number of projects which elaborate various aspects and potential benefits of a complex system approach.
The OPEN scheme will continue to accept project proposals in this area throughout the 6th Framework Programme.

A coordination action - EXYSTENCE - was set up to organise workshops, to host theme institutes where scientists can meet and work for extended periods, to establish a clearly defined research focus (a 'road map') and to bridge the gap to industry and policymaking. The web-site, , is a discussion and information forum for the complex system community and a central switch board for all funding activities (already active for about 3 years).

  • BISON ** (Biology-Inspired techniques for Self-Organization in dynamic Networks)
  • COSIN ** (Coevolution and Self-Organization In dynamical Networks)
  • ISCOM ** (The Information Society as a Complex System)
  • LEURRE ** (Artificial Life Control in Mixed-Societies)
  • NEW TIES - Project homepage * (New and Emergent World Models Through Individual,Evolutionary, and Social Learning)
  • POETIC ** (Reconfigurable Poetic Tissue)
  • SOCIAL ** (Self Organised Societies of conectionist Intelligent Agents capable of Learning)
  • SWARM-BOTS ** (Swarms of self-assembling artefacts)

Common to all these projects is the willingness to put the complex system approach into action in clearly defined research goals related to IST priorities.)

* Projects funded by the 6th Framework Programme (2002-2006)

**  Projects funded by the 5th Framework Programme (1998-2002)