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Future and Emerging Technologies

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Projects launched by the Global Computing Initiative (GC)


Integrated Projects launched under the GC Proactive Initiative in 2005

(starting date: 1 September 2005)

  • SENSORIA - Software Engineering for Service-Oriented Overlay Computers
    • Engineering of service-oriented overlay computers
    • Context-adaptive, personalisable global services
    • Applied to e-business, automotive systems, telecommunications
    • Coordinator : Martin Wirsing
    • Email : (email removed)
    • Presentation ( PDF )
  • MOBIUS - Mobility, Ubiquity and Security
    • Focusing on trust and security for small devices as parts of global computers
    • Using the Proof Carrying Code paradigm
    • Java-enabled global computer case studies
    • Coordinator : Gilles Barthe
    • Email : (email removed)
    • Presentation ( PDF )
  • AEOLUS - Algorithmic Principles for Building Efficient Overlay Computers
    • Developing the algorithmic principles to enable transparent and efficient access to the resources of an internet-based global computer
    • Addressing also communication between wireless and mobile nodes
    • Building sample services as proof-of-concept
    • Coordinator : Christos Kaklamani
    • Email : (email removed)
    • Presentation ( PDF )

Summaries & Presentations of projects funded by the GC Proactive Initiative 2001

(given at the negotiation meeting ( PDF )Brussels, 11 September 01)