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Future and Emerging Technologies

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Neurosciences (Neuro-IT): Funded projects

Joint Activities for future Research - Neuro-IT Net: Thematic Network

Neuroinformatics for living artefacts projects

AMOUSE - Artificial Mouse

ARTESIMIT - Artefact Structural Learning through Imitation

INSIGHT 2+ - 3D Shape and material properties and recognition

MIRROR - Mirror Neurons based Robot Recognition

POETIC - Reconfigurable Poetic Tissue

SIGNAL - Systemic Intelligence for Growingup Artifacts that Live

AMOTH - A fleet of articifical chemosensing moths for distributed environmental monitoring

BIBA - Bayesian Inspired Brain and Artefacts: Using probabilistic logic to understand brain function and implement life-like behavioural co-ordination

ECOVISION - Artificial vision systems based on early coginitive cortical processing

HYDRA - Living Building blocks for self-designing artefacts

PALOMA - Progressive and adaptive learning of object manipulation: a biologically inspired multi-network architecture

Neuroinformatics projects managed in Directorate General Research

MICROCIRCUITS - Cortical, Cerebellar and Spinal Neuronal Networks - Towards an interface of computational and experimental analysis

CEREBELLUM - Computation and Plasticity in the Cerebellar System: Experiments, Modeling and Database

FET Projects related to Neuron on Silicon

NACHIP   - DeveloPment of A Neuro-semiconductor Interface wiht recombinant sodium CHannels

NEUMIC - Neurons adn Modified CCMOS integrated Circuit interfacing

INPRO - Information Processing by Natural Neural Networks

NEUROBIT - A bioartificial brain with an artificial bosy: traininga cultured neural tissue to support the purposive behavior of an artificual body

Neuroinformatics LPS (Life-Like Perception-systems) projects

ALAVLSI   Attend-to-learn and learn-to-attend with neuromorphic, analogue VLSI

APEREST - Approximately Periodic Representation of Stimuli

BIOLOCH - Bio-mimetic Structures for Locomotion in the human body

CAVIAR - Convolution AER vision architecture for real-time

CICADA - Cricket and spider inspired perception and autonomous decision automata

CIRCE - Chiroptera-Inspired Robotic Cephaloid: a Novel Tool for Experiments in Synthetic Biology

CYBERHAND - Development of a Cybernetic hand prosthesis

LOCUST   - Life-like Object Detection For Collision Avoidance Using Spatio-temporal Image

MIRRORBOT - Biomimetic multimodal learning in a mirror neuron-based robot

ROSANA - Representation of stimuli as neural activity

SENSEMAKER - A multi-sensory, task-specific, adaptable perception system

SPIKEFORCE - Real-time spiking networks for robot control