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Neuroinformatics for "living" artefacts (NI) Proactive Initiative

Call closed : 11 Oct. 2000


To explore new synergies between Neurosciences and Information Technologies in order to enable the construction of hardware/software "artefacts that live and grow", i.e. artefacts that self-adapt and evolve beyond pure programming. Preference will be given to work that demonstrates adaptability and growth in the "real world" and that does not simply extrapolate from an already established researd field (such as neural-networks or genetic algorithms).

This proactive initiative is implemented in collaboration with the action " Neurosciences " under the thematic programme "Quality of life and management of living resources."

The following information is to give you a perspective on this activity.
  1. A report on essential issues. ( DOC - PDF or Browse )
  2. Position papers from a brainstorming meeting held in Brussels 7-8 February 2000 on which the above report is based.
  3. Report on the workshop "Beyond the Made and the Born", held on 14-15 June 1999 to prepare for this proactive initiative. ( DOC - PDF or Browse )
Please feel free to contact any of the following people for more information
Ralph Dum
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Pekka Karp
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