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Future and Emerging Technologies

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Quantum Information Processing & Communications
Fet Proactive Initiative in the 6th Framework Programme
5th European QIPC Workshop

20 - 22 September 2004 - Università di Roma "La Sapienza"
Workshop Web site

Special session: "Perspectives for QIPC in the Seventh Framework Programme"

Organized by the Scientific Officers of "Future and Emerging Technologies", DG INFSO, European Commission: Antonella Karlson and Ralph Dum


An open discussion followed. It was decided to take the following actions:

  • Write a strategic report including an assessment of current results and an outlook on future efforts
  • Expand the strategic report with a detailed assessment and outlook - roadmap type document. It was suggested to elect a Committee which will be in charge of the work on the above document. It was decided that Prof. Peter Zoller will act as chairman of the Committee. There were suggestions for names of Committee members. The exact list will be communicated later on this web site.
  • A publication coordinated by the EC in "Scientific American" style: short articles by prominent European scientists

More information

Organizing committee of the workshop

  • F. De Martini
  • P. Mataloni
  • F. Sciarrino

Program & Poster contributions

Press coverage of the workshop and FET activities in QIPC

  • IST Europe's newsroom article announcing the workshop - download as pdf file (12kb)
  • A journalist was sent by IST Results to provide coverage of the event. He wrote an article on the workshop, FET project results and decisions taken at the special session - download as pdf file (28kb)
  • Quantum cryptography and the Swiss SME "id Quantique" - download as pdf file (21kb)


Antonella Karlson
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Ralph Dum
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