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Future and Emerging Technologies

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Quantum Information Processing & Communications
Fet Proactive Initiative in the 6th Framework Programme
Strategic Report - roadmap type document

At the 5th European QIPC Workshop 20 - 22 September 2004 - Università di Roma "La Sapienza"  a special session was organized by the FET: "Perspectives for QIPC in the Seventh Framework Programme" There was a general discussion on the actions to be taken with the aim to:

  • promote QIPC research in Europe, strengthen its image and express it in a coherent way;
  • unify the research community, elaborate a common European strategy and goals;
  • provide input to the European Commission for the preparation of the Seventh Framework Programme and reach in an appropriate way decision makers;
  • expand and strengthen activities on European level.

It was decided to take three actions, two of which are the following:

  • Write a strategic report including an assessment of current results and an outlook on future efforts
  • Expand the strategic report with a detailed technical assessment, draw up a summary of long and medium term goals, express the visions and challenges

It was suggested to elect a Committee which would be in charge of the work on the above document. Prof. Peter Zoller was nominated as the editing author and the Chairman of the Committee of contributing authors. Work on the document started immediately after the workshop in Rome. A follow-up discussion took place during the conference day of the QIPC cluster review, 14-16 February 2005 in Innsbruck.

We are very happy to inform you that we have now a stable version of "Quantum Information Processing and Communication: strategic report on current status, visions and goals for research in Europe". This was really a community effort, as it can be seen from the substantial list of contributors. We would like to thank everybody who has contributed as an author or who took part in the discussions.

It is also published on the web site of the project ERA Pilot - QIST, an intergovernmental Coordination Action, funded by the EC, aiming at promoting quantum information research both at the national and at the European level.

ERA-Pilot QIST (Work Package 1) web site :  or

Our goal is to initiate a broader discussion and to receive feedback from the research community. Please give your comments and suggestions till June 10, 2005. The preparations for FP7 and discussions related to the strategic report will continue at the 6th European QIPC Workshop (special session organized by FET), which will take place in connection to the QUPON Conference, 20 - 26 May 2005 in Vienna. Afterwards the document will be published as an official publication of the European Commission. In the future, the strategic report will continue to be updated regularly as a "living document" in the context of the project ERA-Pilot QIST.