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Find the most recent information on EU Funding activities in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by visiting our ICT in FP7 website , which covers ICT in the 7 th Framework Programme (FP7) 2007 - 2013.

ISTAG Members 1999-2002

Angelo Airaghi Finmeccanica (Chairman)
Fred Boekhorst Philips Research Centre
Kiril Boyanov Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Alain Bravo Abhexis
Ezio Bussoletti Istituto di Matematica, Fisica e Applicazioni
Jose Luis Encarnaçao University od Darmstadt
Hakan Eriksson Telefon AB LM Ericsson
Michel Feneyrol France Telecom
Philippe Geyres STMicroelectronics
Christos Halkias Intrasoft S.A.
Michael Healy Ashling Microsystems Ltd
Tony Hey University of Southampton
Juhani Kuusi Nokia
Paul Lagasse University of Gent
Carlos Lopez Barrio Telefonica
Soenke Mehrgardt Infineon Technologies AG
Paul Mehring DaimlerChrysler AG
Gregers Mogensen Consultant
Jean-Louis Piette Group Lagardère
Ian Purves Sowerby Centre for Health Informatics at Newcastle
Stephen Randall Symbian
Luc Soete University of Maastricht
Berit Svendsen Telenor
Isabel Trancoso INESC
Javier Uceda University of Madrid
Anita Van Looveren OM Partners
Jacob Vortman Insight Therapeutics
Hannes Werthner University of Vienna
Andrzej Piotr Wierzbicki Instytut Lacznosci (Poland)

Former ISTAG member (see table below). The IST programme is particularly grateful for their contribution and advice and we would like to thank them and acknowledge their work.

Claus Weyrich Siemens (former ISTAG Chairman)
Jose Alves Marques INESC
Romain Bausch Société Européenne des Satellites
Hans Berthelsen National Association of Local Authorities (Denmark)
Peter Cochrane British Telecom
Tarja Cronberg Regional Council of North Karelia (Finland)
John Daniel The Open University
Arnoud De Kemp Springer-Verlag GmbH
Paolo Galuzzi Florence Science Museum
Chris Horn Iona Technology Ltd
Rosemary Horwood Consultant
Bernard Larrouturou INRIA
Wolfgang Merker Daimler Benz A.G.
Cesare Mossotto CSELT S.P.A.
Ann-Marie Nilsson The Swedish IT Companies Organisation
Ursula Pachl BEUC
Martin Schuurmans Philips
Jacob Vortman Insight Therapeutics
Luc Wagner CLT-UFA

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