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ISTAG: Other Reports and Activities, FP6

In 2004, ISTAG set up working groups which focussed on the following themes:

  • EU-wide initiatives (promoting and advancing European research and technology).
  • Experience and Application Research
  • Grand challenges for IST
  • Grid, distributed systems and service architectures.

ISTAG has also produced a consolidated report ( PDF , 786KB) providing the main orientations for ICT Research in Europe

Working Group on EU-Wide Initiatives
The working group aims to provide recommendations for Europe-wide initiatives in the area of IST and the means to implement them. This includes the target fields and constituencies, the financial resources and the links with concepts such as European Technology Platforms that the Commission is establishing.
EU-Wide Initiatives , June 2004 ( PDF , 814KB)
Working Group on Experience and Application Research
Experience and Application Research has been proposed as a means of addressing the challenge of creating a human-centred approach to R&D in ambient intelligence. Experience and Application Research involves research, development and design by, with and for users. It also covers research into methods and tools to enable this. A novel aspect of Experience and Application Research is that it involves users in all stages of R&D and all stages of the product development lifecycle, not just at the end phases as, for example, in more classical field trials or user testing of products.
Experience and Application Research , June 2004 ( PDF , 944KB)
Working Group on Grand Challenges for IST
The continuation of the digital revolution relies upon our capacity to harness the complexity of building very small and very large ICT systems but also to endow them with new forms of intelligence. Substantial S&T efforts will also be needed to address major upcoming organisational, societal, environmental and ethical challenges that were mentioned above.
Grand Challenges for IST , July 2004 ( PDF , 3.7MB)
Working Group on Grids, Distributed Systems and Service Architectures
The working group aims to provide recommendations for research orientations that will enable the development and deployment of services based on scalable and extremely large complex distributed systems supported by relevant software architectures, tools and platforms.
It will also help to identify the means to address, in a coherent way, systems and software research that is currently following different but nevertheless probably converging tracks. These approaches include Grid middleware, Service Oriented Architectures, Web Services, the Semantic Web, networked embedded systems as well as robust supporting software tools and environments.
Final Report - Grids, Distributed Systems and Service Architectures , August 2004 ( PDF , 805KB)
ISTAG Meetings 2003-05: Operational Conclusions

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