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Workshop on Grid-based Virtual Organisations and collaborative e-Enterprise applications

Business models, use cases and requirements for Grid platforms, services and architecture

Date : 30 May 2003
Location : London , UK

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The key objective of this Workshop is to develop a shared vision of Grid architecture, technologies and services that fosters the formation of Virtual Organisations (VO) driven by business goals. The Workshop will aim at elaborating future VO scenarios and the mapping of typical use cases to requirements for Grids. It is held in the context of the opportunities offered by the forthcoming Call in the IST thematic priority under the FP6 specific programme "Integrating and strengthening the ERA", and in particular in the Strategic Objective "Grids for complex problem solving".

To make this event a success the active participation is sought of key industrial and academic constituencies. The format will be several sessions of between 30 and 60 minutes, each initiated by one or more contributors providing 5 to 10 minutes "provocative statements", for example on requirements or technologies, to stimulate the subsequent discussion.

The issues to be addressed include, among others:

  1. What is a Virtual Organisation (VO) or what should it be?
    [opportunities for decentralised collaborative working, .]
  2. Which generic Grid concept and architecture are needed as a consequence of the outcome to question 1?
    [infrastructure & grid services, (user-) interfaces,...]
  3. What sort of example applications and business models for the Grid that should be developed?
    [co-operative applications,. e-Enterprise applications, ...]
  4. What kinds of security concepts, accounting should be possible?
    [business requirements, membership strategies, cross-domain concepts, ...]
  5. Which Grid-enabling technologies are necessary and/or called for from users?
    [e.g. ontologies for searches, ...]

As space is limited those interested in participating are requested to register as soon as possible. Indications at the time of registering of topic(s) for which "provocative statements" could be provided would be particularly welcome.

Full details including a final Agenda will be sent to confirmed attendees. The Workshop language will be English.

There is no fee for the Workshop. Participants must make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

(email removed) , FhG-IAO
Organising Committee:
Dr Toan Nguyen , INRIA Rhone-Alpes, Grenoble
Prof . Pierluigi Ritrovato , University of Salerno
Dr Colin Upstill , IT-Innovation, Southampton
Mr Josep Vallés , SchlumbergerSema, Barcelona
Dr.-Ing. Anette Weisbecker ,
FhG-IAO, Stuttgart

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