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Workshop on Grids for Complex Problem Solving

Date : 29-30 January 2003
Location : Brussels, Belgium

Presentations given at Plenary sessions

Listed below are the presentations given at the various plenary sessions of the IST workshop on 'Grids for Complex Problem solving' which was organised by DG Information Society and took place in Brussels on 29-30 January 2003. In addition the initial conclusions of the parallel working groups are also provided. The presentations can also be downloaded electronically from this page (file formats are indicated below for each individual presentation, file size is also indicated for files larger than 500KB).

  • Opening - Luis Rodriguez-Rosello , DG INFSO-F ( PDF , 160KB)
  • Introduction - Wolfgang Boch , DG INFSO-F2 ( PDF , 81KB)
Plenary I - " Next Generation Grid "
Plenary II - " Enabling Application Technologies "
Plenary III - " FP6 "

Conclusions presented by Chairpersons of the 3 Working Groups at the closing plenary

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