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2007 Enterprise Interoperability Cluster Workplan

Our profile

  • Cluster mission
    The general aim of a cluster of projects concentrates on the implementation of FP6 activities by exploiting synergies between projects and external activities, disseminating achievements, and activating initiatives that facilitate the take-up of EI research results and promote innovation.
  • Contractual status of the projects
    • INTEROP: ends 30/05/2007
    • ATHENA: ends 1/04/2007
    • IMPORTNET: ends 30/07/2009
    • ABILITIES: ends 31/12/2007
    • FUSION: ends 31/07/2008
    • GENESIS: ends 30/09/2008

    Are invited (or have expressed their willingness) to join the cluster:

    • VISP: 30/06/2008
    • ECOLEAD: 31/03/2008
    • PIM: 30/04/2008
    • PANDA: 30/06/2008

    First projects from Call 1 expected around beginning 2008.

  • Strong challenges in 2007:
    • Call 1 (Objective 1.3)
    • Update of the EI Research Roadmap
    • The business models for EI study group (with possibly a resulting publication)
    • Towards a scientific foundation for EI in 2008
  • Chair of the cluster: Cristina Martinez, ICT for the Networked Enterprise Unit, European Commission.
  • Co-Chair of the Enterprise Interoperability Cluster: Ms Man-Sze Li, IC Focus.

Our activities

  • Activities and responsibilities for 2007
    • Cluster 'concertation' activities aim at supporting discussions with the community in specific domains. A meeting is organised every 2-3 months on average, each time with the help of a different project around a hot topic. External speakers are invited to bring alternative views on the subject. Most of the meetings are open to the external community of researchers in the Enterprise Interoperability area.
    • Workshops & meetings: see our events page .
    • Repository : Collect and publicize public deliverables of our projects on the web. Maintain this repository updated and easily accessible to the outside web. Manage and spread information regarding the cluster activities (meeting minutes, common deliverables, etc.)
    • Study group on business models : The main objective of the informal Study Group on business models for Enterprise Interoperability is to develop a consensus view of the Cluster on the value and impact of EI from a business perspective, and to foster collaboration among all interested parties on issues pertinent to the value proposition of EI solutions. In this respect, an informal study group on Business Models for EI is foreseen to be convened after a first meeting, leading to a short Cluster publication by the end of the year. (together with Man-Sze Li, co-chair of the EI cluster) ;
    • Enterprise Interoperability Roadmap : Maintain and update the EI Research Roadmap. Publish an updated version by end of 2007 - activity supported by the GENESIS project;
    • Communication :
      • Web site : Currently all information such as deliverables, events, meeting minutes, etc. is put on the Cordis web page of the cluster. The long term objective is to enhance this web with an eNewsletter and to group all the cluster/individual projects deliverables on one repository.
      • Publicize a Quarterly Newsletter for our EI community (mainly providing info on our activities) - (suggestion: input in alternance by each project);
      • Initiate and Manage relationships in collaboration with the EC with external organisations and experts (standardisation bodies, ETP like NESSI, public organisations, etc.) - activity supported by the GENESIS project;
    • Technology watch : Be the technology watch for developments related to Enterprise Interoperability within and outside EU (includes the delivery of a short report monthly) - activity supported by the ABILITIES project;
    • Project deliverables : One of the specific responsibilities of this cluster (and of research projects in general) is to facilitate access to public deliverables produced by the projects to our EI community and beyond. We plan to group all deliverables in a single point of (web) access still to be agreed upon.
    • International cooperation : with China, Japan, South Corea and USA.

For achievements obtained in 2006, please see section on Cluster activities of the D5's Annual Report 2006.


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