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Welcome to IST International Co-operation

IST INCO Objectives

The objectives of International Co-operation within the Framework Programme include:

  • Achieving upstream global consensus for interoperability and standardisation
  • Strengthening scientific and technological co-operation with the accession countries
  • Strengthening business co-operation between industries of the third-countries and the European IST players
  • Accessing the best technological know-how and skilled human resources worldwide


In the latest issue:

EUMEDIS interconnection initiative
The preparation of the EUMEDIS interconnection initiative has demonstrated that there is no such thing as one side of the Mediterranean sea, and the other side... read more
(Issue n°6, 12 February 2002)
eGovernment in Romania and in south-east Europe
The ADLIC system for secondary school admission is the first computerised system in Romania at national level for the centralisation of examination results... read more
(Issue n°6, 12 February 2002)
Projects update
ECCITE accompanying measure for EuroChina 2002... go to
In the pipeline: EU-India IST Fair... go to
(Issue n°6, 12 February 2002)

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