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Welcome to 'Systems & Services for the Citizen'

Important! Information available on the KA1 pages is related to activities undertaken during EU's Fifth Framework Programme (1998-2002). Follow this link to access the Sixth Framework Programme site .

An Information Society at the Service of the Citizen

Rapidly developing information and communications technology profoundly influences society and specifically the systems & services put in place to serve the needs of Europe's citizens. 

The remit of the Information Society Technologies RTD Programme and especially the "Systems & Services for the Citizen" Key Action is to ensure that research addresses the major socio-economic problems facing Europe. It covers - amongst others - applications for healthcare, for special needs groups, for safer, more efficient transport systems (including tourism) for a cleaner environment and for providing better access to administrations.

New Research and Technology

An important function of the IST Programme and the research managed in this Key Action is to ensure that Europe's citizens benefit equally from the opportunities presented by new research and emerging information-based technologies, so that Europe can indeed be called an 'Information Society' for all.

Who does IST web serve?

Key Action 1, Systems & Services for the Citizen provides information via the IST web for:

  • Researchers;
  • Project participants & new applicants;
  • Industry and business partners;
  • Experts;
  • Universities;
  • General and specific interest groups,...

Background on IST web

Emerging out of the European Commission's Fifth Framework Programme (FP5 1998-2002), and managed by DG Information Society, the online service offered through ISTweb and the "Systems & Services for the Citizen" Directorate is intended as a primary information source and support environment for all interested parties.

For more information about the IST, FP5 or other Commission activities, we recommend you visit our Useful Links page...


The objectives of the Systems & Services for the Citizen domain, as outlined in the Fifth Framework Programme's Key Action 1 are to foster research and technological development that satisfies the principles of:

  • Ubiquity;
  • Universality;
  • Cost-effectiveness;
  • User-friendliness; and
  • Development of technologies for trust and confidence.

Ambient Intelligence Landscape

As the technology landscape broadens to encompass all facets of our daily lives - at work, at home and on the move - we can expect to see an assortment of intelligent systems communicating and interacting with their surroundings, breathing life into an emerging field of research called 'ambient intelligence', which will revolutionise the world in which we live. 

Ambient Intelligence is the result of major advances in ubiquitous computing, ubiquituous communications and intelligent interfaces.  Imagine, for instance, miniature systems woven into the clothes that we wear or carried inside our bodies for monitoring our health or intellingent systems in our cars to improve safety.  As these developments take place, it is vital to guarantee that the Information Society that is evolving is inclusive for all Europeans.