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Projects in the e Democracy Cluster


AGORA 2000 (Innovative IST platforms & services to support a democratic regional/urban planning process)
factsheet , website
CYBERVOTE (An innovative cyber voting system for internet terminals and mobile phones)
IST-1999-20338, factsheet , website
DEMOS (Delphi mediation on-line system)
IST-1999- 20530, factsheet , website
E-POLL (Electronic polling system for remote voting operations)
IST-1999-21109, factsheet , website
EURO-CITI (European cities platform for on-line transaction services)
IST-1999-21088, factsheet , website
WEBOCRACY (Web technologies supporting direct participation in democratic processes)
IST-1999-20364, factsheet , website
EDEN (Electronic democracy European network)
IST-1999-20230, factsheet , website


VSIIS (Voluntary Organisations & Social inclusion in the Information Society)
IST-2000-25427 (CPA 7), factsheet , website
E-POWER (European programme for an ontology based working environment for regulations and legislation)
IST-2000-28125, factsheet, website
E_COURT (Electronic Court: judicial IT-based management)
IST-2000-28199, factsheet , website
EVE (Evaluating practices and validating technologies in e-Democracy and e-Voting)
IST-2001-33008, factsheet , website