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Action Lines (2000 & 2001)

II.1.2 Knowledge Management for eCommerce and eWork

To empower individuals and organisations through novel knowledge management solutions aimed at enhancing creativity, innovation, competencies, and responsiveness. Projects are expected to explore and validate novel "intelligent" knowledge management technologies, applications, methodologies and practices aimed at leveraging numerous and varied sources of often incomplete and/or ill-structured individual and corporate knowledge (e.g. knowledge about products, services, customers, suppliers, business partners as well as in-house and external expertise in all shapes and forms). This includes multidisciplinary solutions for capturing, organising, mining and, more generally, exploiting, exchanging and trading knowledge in support of both intra- and inter-organisational activities.
To develop and validate highly adaptive, context-sensitive and anticipatory knowledge management functionalities capable of dynamically providing individuals (whether as workers or consumers) and organisations with timely knowledge and suggestions relevant to the tasks they are currently engaged in. The challenge is to develop practical, easy-to-use solutions that cut across multiple intra- and inter-organisational functionalities and activities, making it possible dynamically to extract and recombine knowledge across traditional functional and organisational boundaries.

Proposals submitted under this Action Line are expected to develop solutions that address issues falling under one or more of the following Action Lines: II.1.3, II.2.1, II.2.2 and II.3.1.