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Roadmap Projects in IST Key Action 2

Objectives and overview

To prepare the ground for research initiatives in the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) using the new instruments of Integrated Projects (IP) and Networks of Excellence (NoE), Key Action II "New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce" is launching 25 Roadmap projects starting early summer 2002. The major objectives of these Accompanying Measure and Thematic Network projects are:

  1. to identify the research challenges in the respective area, to assess Europe's competitive position and potential, and to derive strategic roadmaps for applied research driven by visionary scenarios;
  2. to build constituencies and reach consensus by means of feedback loops with the stakeholders at all relevant levels.

The following list is an overview of the domains in which roadmap projects are launched and the relevant links.

Most Roadmap projects are aligned with the timing for the first calls for FP6 provisionally assuming a closing of the first Call in the first quarter of 2003. Taking this timing into account, Roadmap projects normally plan to derive a first draft of a roadmap and identify the potentially interested stakeholders by October 2002 allowing for a feedback loop for consensus building in the last quarter of 2002 and in early 2003. Revised roadmaps including the comments from the stakeholders are planned to become available towards the end of the first quarter of 2003.

Though the major work in these projects is carried out by core teams of complementary partners, in Thematic Networks supported by their members, all Roadmap projects are open: everybody interested is invited to express his interest and contribute to the feedback and consensus building process. Feedback is planned to be sought through presentations and discussions at general events such as IST 2002 in November in Copenhagen ; at thematically specialised workshops; at regional workshops; and/or through web fora.

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