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Socio-Economic Research (SER) Activities

There is a strong interplay between technological research on one hand and economic, policy, legal and social research on eBusiness and eWork. The range of SER activities in KAII, through more than 40 running projects, covers key research areas in economic and business developments, organisational change, societal arrangements, market creation and development, technological innovation and policy and regulations. A list of project summaries is available ( DOC ).

Work in these areas supports and interacts with the technological work carried out in the more than 300 projects of KAII.

A number of clustering and networking events have taken place which help to consolidate the SER activities in KA2:

June 2001
"Beyond Technologies: shaping eFactors for business, regions and policies"
Concertation Report ( DOC )
January 2001
"Socio-economic analysis and Call Centres"
Report ( DOC )
October 2000
"Making the most of KAII"
Programme ( DOC ), Presentation ( PDF )
May 2000
"Networking, Clustering and Utilisation of project results: socio-economic research activities in KAII"
Conclusions Report ( DOC )
April 2000
"Social and Economic issues: main conclusions and ways forward"
Conclusions Report ( DOC ), Ways Foward ( PPT )

Three clusters have emerged so far. These are:

  • eFACTORS on eBusiness Models
  • e-REGEN on Regional Digital Economy
  • SOLICTER on smart organisations legal issues

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