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Welcome to 'New Methods of Work & Electronic Commerce'

Important! Information available on the KA2 pages is related to activities undertaken during EU's Fifth Framework Programme (1998-2002). Follow this link to access the Sixth Framework Programme site .

Working Towards a Greater e Europe

Europe is undergoing significant change in its approach to work and commerce. Behind this change are two important driving forces: increasingly mobile communities and emerging technologies which together create the foundation for exploring 'new methods of work and electronic commerce' (e-commerce), and encouraging internet take up across Europe - the e Europe initiative.

Rolling Out Research

Europe can be proud of what it has achieved so far in the information communication technology (ICT) domain, but more research and technological development (RTD) is needed to reinforce its position as a technology pioneer in, for example, e-commerce and mobile technologies. Key Action 2 (KA2) supports long-term applied research, especially areas combining technological innovation with new work practices and advanced business/work models.

KA2 Objectives

The New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce Key Action is part of the European Commission's Information Society Technologies (IST), which - through its yearly work programmes - covers a wide range of topics or 'Action Lines' for which calls for proposals are issued. The current work programme is available on this web site.

KA2 aims to develop information society technologies (IST) and policy to enable European workers and organisations to increase their competitiveness in the global market place, while improving the quality of life of the individual worker and general consumer confidence.

If you are doing research and development work related to new methods of work and electronic commerce, or if you are interested in the results of such research, browse the pages on this site to find out how we can help you.

KA2 Activities and Priorities

The activities and priorities of the New Methods of Work & Electronic Commerce Key Action are as follows:

  • The social implications of new working methods: focusing on the impact on equal opportunities and quality of life;
  • The development and trading of goods and services: focusing on the electronic market place and taking into account the different requirements and capabilities (including training) of individual workers, consumers and businesses/organisations;
  • The global context: focusing on the rapid evolution of the market place, including socio-economic factors; and
  • The development and demonstration of 'world-beating' work and business practices, exploiting Europe's strengths in, for example, electronic payments, smart cards, mobile systems, software for business process modeling, and enterprise management and consumer protection.

More information on KA2 activities and priorities is available on the work programme pages on this website.

KA2 and the e Europe Initiative

The e Europe Action Plan details 11 activities, clustered around three main objectives:

1. A cheaper, faster, secure internet:
Cheaper and faster internet access
Faster internet for researchers and students
Secure networks and smart cards
2. Investing in people and skills:
European youth into the digital age
Working in the knowledge-based economy
Participation for all in the knowledge-based economy
3. Stimulate the use of the internet:
Accelerating e-commerce
Government on-line: electronic access to public services
Health on-line
European digital content for global networks
Intelligent transport systems

Follow this link for more information on the activities of the e Europe Action Plan directly supported by KA2.

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