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This site is now archived. Please consult the DigiCULTFP6 sitefor information on ongoing activities at:

Information on Past Events


On this page you'll find information about past conferences, fora, information day e.a. in the Cultural Heritage Applications sector, organised eitherwith our participation or byother organisations. The events with European Commission participation are marked with the IST flag:

We decided to maintain information on some past events as we organise them to prepare the future...



October 2003

Our COLLATE Project organised a three-days conference split in a Research Symposium and a Business Review.

6-7 October 2003:
Research Symposium: Advanced concepts, approaches and tools in archiving systems

Memory institutions and documentation centers have never faced a more urgent need for controlling and managing their digital assets in an efficient manner. However, research in long-term preservation of and access to digital assets must still mature in order to meet current requirements and develop best practice standards. Accepted quality criteria are, for instance: interoperability in terms of platform independency and cross-domain discovery, elaborated metadata strategies comprising XML and RDF encoding as well as ontology building and content-based retrieval. New technologies such as automatic analysis and classification of digitised documents, system-mediated collaboration support and context-based information retrieval methods are increasingly introduced and evaluated in the digital heritage domain.This symposium aimed to provide a forum in which academic and industrial researchers from diverse fields can share their experiences in the development and exploitation of innovative Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) . Special emphasis will be placed on selected results from an EU-funded project, which has implemented the COLLATE system, a comprehensive "Collaboratory for Annotation, Indexing and Retrieval of Digitized Historical Archive Material" . It can serve as a reference system since it integrates much of the above mentioned new concepts, approaches and tools.

8 October 2003
Business Review: New benefits of digital asset management

Since current day digital sources are increasingly "born-digital" and stored in digital form alone, it is essential to manage and monitor these valuable assets throughout their entire lifetime. Digital assets typically range from their creation to varied usages, and are stored into archives from which they can accurately be retrieved and re-purposed. Digital Asset Management products provide the tools to ingest, index, categorize, secure, search, transform, assemble and export content in as many forms a given organisation requires. This business review addressed mainly practitioners and industrial developers of Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS). It is a forum for both IT developers (and their customers) and practitioners, e.g. from public and private sector archives, libraries, museums and other documentation centers. The review was organized as a one day workshop with presentations of existing products and prototype systems for DAMS and related aspects, such as automatic document pre-processing methods, digital watermarking, ontology building, metadata creation, XML-based content management, advanced context-based information retrieval engines, etc. Selected results from a reference system, "COLLATE - Collaboratory for Annotation, Indexing and Retrieval of Digitized Historical Archive Material", and some external toolswere presented in overview talks followed by system demonstrations with the opportunity for practical testing and extended discussion.

Workshop website:

IST 2003: The Opportunities Ahead

2-4 October 2003, Milano, Italy

This year's IST conference was held this year in partnership with SMAU, one of the largest ICT exhibitions in Europe. It covered both IS research and policy.

IST 2003 conference site:
Further Information on the European IST Prize:

September 2003

TEL (The European Library) FINAL CONFERENCE

24 September 2003m National Library of Lithuania, Vilnius

Our TEL project was a pioneering collaboration between a number of European National Libraries . It was establishing a professionally designed and maintained single access point to selected parts of their holdings spanning a range of collections in all partner national libraries so that the informed citizen in any country can utilise the resources not only of his or her own national library but also, during the same research session, the resources of any other partner national library which may hold material relevant to his or her interest.

Information on the conference from:

August 2003

World Library and Information Congress:
69th IFLA General Conference and Council

Access Point Library: Media - Information - Culture

1-9 August 2003, Berlin, Germany

Our DigiCULT ("Preservation and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage") Unit had a stand at the Exhibition. 14 projects came to present and discuss their projects or the outcomes of their projects. If you could not attend IFLA 2003, you will find underneath most of the presentations given on our stand.

DigiCULT on Community Memory

visualise the powerpoint presentation ppt. file of 178 KB (Author Ian Pigott, )

visualise the Calimera presentation ppt. file of 122 KB

abside project logo learneast project logo
The Equal Projects LearnEast and ABSIDE
visualise the powerpoint presentation ppt. file of their common presentation, 118 Kb


eblida logo
visualise the powerpoint presentation ppt.file of 87 KB

visualise the powerpoint presentation ppt.file of 2.336 KB

Euler project logo
visualise the powerpoint presentation ppt. file of 1872 KB

libecon project logo
visualise the powerpoint presentation ppt. file of 632 KB

minerva project logo

visualise the powerpoint presentation ppt. file of 954 KB

visualise the powerpoint presentation
ppt.file of 768 KB

presto project logo

visualise the powerpoint presentation ppt. file of 745 KB

pulman project logo
visualise the powerpoint presentation ppt. file of 197 KB

renardus project logo


visualise the powerpoint presentation ppt. file of 2225 KB

(other presentations will be uploaded soon: Books2Y! Collate DigiCULT Leaf

Meta-E )

Concertation Meeting on Community Memory

2-3 June, 2003 , Wagner Building, Rue Albert Wehrer, Kirchberg, Luxembourg

In order to explore potential synergies between our community-building Heritage for All projects CIPHER, CHIMER and COINE and to establish relationships between these projects and other activities in the general area of local culture , the Cultural Heritage unitorganised atwo-day concertation meeting.

The following meeting documents are available for download

1) Commission Documents:

provisional agenda Agenda
list of participants List of participants:
B Smith s introduction Introduction by Head of Unit Bernard Smith
I Pigott s introduction Introduction by the Project Manager in Charge of Heritage for All Projects Ian Pigott

2) Presentations given by members of our projects:

Chimer presentation CHIMER : Children's Heritage Interactive Models for Evolving Repositories
Herein presentation HEREIN : The EuropeanHeritage Network
Medina presentation MEDINA,one of our 4 EUMEDIS projects
Musicnetwork presentation MUSICNETWORK
Networked Journey presentation NETWORKED JOURNEYS, one of our 4 EUMEDIS projects
Pulman presentation PULMAN: Public Libraries Mobilising Advanced Networks
Tris presentation TRIS : Trials Support Measure

Contact person for the Community Memory domain: Ian Pigott,

MARCH 2003

PULMAN Final Conference
organised its final conference in Oeiras, Portugal, with 200 high level policy representatives from over 36 European countries, including Turkey, Russia, the Ukraine, Spain and the UK in March 2003.
One of the key elements of the conference is to issue a manifesto on behalf of the PULMAN network and those present at the conference, which sets out the goals for the development of public library services and to help drive forward the next phase of innovation amongst public libraries and other local public cultural institutions in Europe. The manifesto is a catalyst for action in realising the goals of the e-Europe action plan .

Official Press release:
and from the Portuguese newspaper "Pùblico": article "Europa assina 'Manifesto de Oeiras' em defesa das bibliotecas"

The PULMAN Oeiras Manifesto
manifesto which sets outthe goals for the development of public library services and which should help drive forward the next phase of innovation amongst public libraries, archives, museums and other local public cultural institutions in Europe has been adopted during the PULMAN final conference in March 2003.


TRIS & Take-up Trials Exploitation Event

13-14 February 2003, Luxembourg, Jean-Monnet Building, Kirchberg

Our unit together with our TRIS accopanying measure is organising an Exploitation Event aimed at promoting and fostering the exploitation of the results of 25 Take-up Trials launched in 2000 under the Action Line "new access modes to cultural and scientific content".

The conference will be the final event to conclude TRIS two years' work of co-ordination and support of the 25 trials aimed at increasing their cultural, scientific and commercial impact and at exploitating their results. TRIS, which will end in October 2003, has now entered the second phase of its project activity focusing on the exploitation of the trials, supporting them with the production of business plans and with the promotion of their results.

Details on this event can be found on the TRIS homepage:

The official invitation issued by TRIS is available for

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Mapping the future

28 January, 08.30am-05.00pm, Luxembourg (JMO-Building Kirchberg)

Our Unit -"Preservation and enhancement of Cultural Heritage"- organised an open information day bringing together participants from projects having received Commission funding under the previous Framework Programme and consortia representatives being interested in submitting a proposal under the 1 st call of the current Framework Programme.

The objective was to further refine research roadmaps setting the perspective for the 1 st call and to facilitate networking for future consortia.

The day included one-hour presentation sessions organised around five topics with speakers from different backgrounds: industry, SMEs, research, institutions. The topics of these one-hour sessions will be: Digital Libraries, Intelligent Heritage, Digitisation and Preservation, Film Archive Restoration, Community Memory.

Most of the speeches will be uploaded soon on our publications page

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Open Forum on the forthcoming 6th Framework Programme

27 January, 11.00am-05.00pm, Luxembourg (JMO-Building Kirchberg)

As the November Forum organised by our unit, which was a follow-up meeting for those who hadsubmitted an EOI, met great interest, we held an Open Forum in January. Information on procedures for proposal submission, on the new instruments and general information on the new Framework Programme were given and contextualised for the Cultural Heritage communities.

Bernard Smith's presentation on the sector policy

Luca Martinelli's presentation on the directorate's policy and submission procedures

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Information Day on the 6th Framework Programme

18 November 2002, 09.00 am - 05.00 pm, Euroforum Building, Luxembourg-Gasperich

The presentations given on that information event are available at:

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IST 2002:Partnerships for the Future

Co-organised by the European Commission & the Danish EU Presidency

4-6 November 2002, Copenhagen

The Digital Heritage & Cultural Content's Workshop: "The Business of Heritage - from Local to Global"

Several of our projects were participating, amongst others , , and . Our workshop took on Tuesday, 5 November ( ). Our unit's coordinator for this workshop is .

- The report on our workshop and on the networking session held by our accompanying measure TRIS will soon be uploaded on our page "future research". Here's the workshop's .

- Commissioner Liikanen's opening speech for this event is available at :

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