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Cultural Heritage Take-ups

In 2000, we called for proposals on an action line entitled: Trials on new access models to cultural and scientific content . This focused on launching trial actions across Europe to encourage take-up of results and stimulate the implementation of innovative new products and services in the Cultural Heritage sector.

This call for trial actions has been considered by many as a very worthwhile initiative that has the potential to create European-wide momentum for innovation in cultural institutions. Our intention is to ensure replicability of results by concertation of trials during the life-time of these projects and to encourage case studies or examples of good practice and dissemination of results.

Following this call, we have selected the following take-ups:

New technology for access to cultural content with particular emphasis on the virtual conservation of Irish sites of cultural and historical importance.
Contact: (email removed) / Library Council of Ireland
New solution for media management, interactive navigation and information discovery in heterogeneous historical archives, using the Archivio Storico in Florence as test-bed.
Contact: (email removed) / Space S.p.A. (Italy)
Using available digitised resources for the commercial benefit of SMEs in the rural Welsh tourist and leisure industries.
Contact: (email removed) / Wales Digital College (UK)
A new approach to inter-library loan of old and rare books conducted by the University Libraries of Innsbruck and Graz (Austria), based on the digitisation of historically significant documents and providing access via the web.
Contact: (email removed) / University of Innsbruck (Austria)
Enhancing access to and awareness of the archaeological site of Verulamium (Italy) by trialing interactive web games and use of wireless technology from both Verulamium Museum and the Museums of St Albans (UK).
Contact: (email removed) /St. Albans Museums (UK)
An online interface improving users' visualisation of the cultural content displayed in eight museums and art galleries in the West Midlands region of the United Kingdom.
Contact: (email removed) / West Midlands Regional Museum Council (UK)
Using novel ways of creating, manipulating and presenting dynamically adaptive digital cultural objects related to Dominico dell'Allio, held and maintained by small museums in Austria and Slovenia.
Contact: (email removed) / Joaneum Research (Austria)
Promoting the new Islamic collection of the Benaki Museum using the latest IT.
Contact: (email removed) / Benaki Museum (Greece)
A web-based resource on European puppetry, starting off with the collection of the Waidspeicher Puppentheater (Germany), that will create virtual communities for the arts and give added value to access techniques.
Contact: (email removed) / German Institute for Economic Research
Creation of a European digital library for mathematics, based on the pilot developed by the EULER project, including holdings from Georg-August-Universitdt Gfttingen (Germany), Stichting Mathematisch Centrum (The Netherlands), Universit? degli Studi di Firenze and Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe (Germany)
Contact: (email removed) / Georg-August-Universitdt Gfttingen (Germany)
A virtual reality interface to improve thesaurus-based navigation to access and explore information relating to sites and monuments held in the National Monument?s Records archives (UK).
Contact: (email removed) / English Heritage (UK)
An XML-based model for access to Italian cultural and scientific high-value web-based resources in order to enhance searchability in a query-oriented interface.
Contact: (email removed) / CNR - ISRDS (Italy)
Development of the Museum of Scotland's Treasuries programme through digital exploration of the National Museum of Scotland collections using 3D, audio, animation and video.
Contact: (email removed) / The Multimedia Team Ltd. (UK)
photographic internet access to Italian research laboratories and their activities.
Contact: (email removed) / Provincia di Torino (Italy)
Use of mobile communication to provide attractive information on outdoor objects from museums, such as the Swedish Museum of Natural History, archives and libraries in order to enhance visitor's experience.
Contact: (email removed) / Linkfping University (Sweden)
Validation of a model for a common access portal, with an XML-based approach, to the web information of six French museums in the R?gion Centre holding very different collections.
Contact: (email removed) / EUROCLID (France)
Experimenting with the use of innovative digitisation technology for the management and valorisation of important Italian ecclesiastical manuscripts.
Contact: (email removed) / Space S.p.A. (Italy)
Testing a comprehensive archives management system in Essex and Northamptonshire Record Offices, embracing both traditional archives and digitised images of archives.
Contact: (email removed) / Essex Record Office (UK)
Framework for building and supporting a community of young people interested in local history by creating an easy to use online system to encourage children to contribute their own ideas and resources about the historical site "Lullingstone roman villa" (UK) to a centrally managed site.
Contact: (email removed) / TAG Learning Ltd. (UK)
A natural history museum (Vorarlberger Naturschau, Austria) approach to the use of multimedia techniques to enhance awareness of biodiversity, endangered species and ecology.
Contact: (email removed) / Biogis Consulting (Austria)
Adding value to the National Museum of Scotland digital collection for the use in the UK of the National Grid for Learning.
Contact: (email removed) / UHI Millennium Institute (UK)
Digital recording to provide a web resource displaying two European historic gardens and parks (The Gascoyne Cecil Estate - UK, and SCI du Chateau de Villandry - France) with a view to enhancing their appreciation and broadening user access.
Contact: (email removed) / University of the West of England (UK)
Using available 3DML in order to enable first-time users to create 3D web pages on the historic architecture collection held in the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum.
Contact: (email removed) / Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum
New methodology for creating a Web based prototype model for multimedia recording and publishing of the historic collection of the Wells Cathedral (UK), or similar historic buildings, making use of 3D VRML and GIS.
Contact: (email removed) / University of the West of England (UK)
Virtual reality modelling technology for the dissemination of the historical and cultural records of the city of Knutsford (UK) to the general public.
Contact: (email removed) / National Nuclear Corporation Ltd. (UK)
A specific support measure aiming at bringing all these projects together in the most effective way, by ensuring that the different projects meet, exchange their experiences and develop common approaches to key challenges facing their institutions, is also under negotiation at the moment.
Contact: (email removed)
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