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Education and Training Applications

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ICT enabled education and training has long been a priority within the European Commission's Framework Programmes for Research and Development. Since 1998, 300 research projects have been supported in order to create a critical mass of resources able to guide and stimulate research, technological development and innovation. A considerable amount of European expertise and know-how has been built up. Project results are new services, systems and standards, and networks of schools, research labs and other organisations involved in education and training.

Under the Fifth Framework Programme (FP5, 1998-2002), around 100 projects have been funded with a total budget of almost EUR 140 mio., covering innovative technologies, systems and services for schools, universities and vocational training,for lifelong and non-formal learning. To present these projects and related activities, isthe purposeof this web site (see navigation menu on the left side).

For more details about the mandate of the European Commission's unit 'Education and Training Applications' please read the Mission Statement .

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