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Websites and pages linked to from this page provide further information on and/or illustration of concepts pertinent to IAF action lines. Clearly, these links represent only very small samples compared with the large number of hits that would be returned by popular search engines (such as Google, Hotbot or Altavista).

All links have been checked (February 2001) and where appropriate, brief descriptions of the items linked to have been given. They reflect, to some extent, the interests of the authors of this page. However, providing these links does not imply any endorsement of the target sites or any guarantee of the correctness, timeliness or usefulness of the information offered by these sites. We take no responsiblity for the eventual use to which the information given is put.

Readers of this page who would like to see a site referred to from this page are invited to contact us at (email removed)

Semantic Web links

W3C sources
The World Wide Web Consortium - the W3C portal with links to W3C activities
The W3C Semantic Web Activity page
The views of Tim Berners-Lee
Semantic Web roadmap
World Wide Web Design Issues
Organisations - the Semantic Web Community Portal, maintained by Stefan Decker
Ontology.Org - Enabling Virtual Business - a business & technology forum to help accelerate the adoption of e-commerce in areas such as procurement, supply chain, value chain, virtual community, brokerage and syndication. - the Homepage of the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML) Program - a forum for XML-based business solutions, organized by OASIS , the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
XMLfr - a French XML forum
Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents (FIPA) - a non-profit organisation aimed at producing standards for the interoperation of heterogeneous software agents
AgentLink - an IST-funded Network of Excellence for agent-based computing and its Special Interest Goup on Intelligent Information Agents
Project links and bibliographies
Project Aristotle(sm): Automated Categorization of Web Resources - a list of Web projects and project publications
KBS/Ontology Projects Worldwide - references to knowledge-base projects, groups, and related material (mailing lists, journals, proceedings, conferences and workshops)
Formal Ontology and Conceptual Analysis : A Structured Bibliography - compiled by Massimiliano Carrara (University of Padova) and Nicola Guarino (LADSEB-CNR, Padova)
Selected projects
On-To-Knowledge - Content-driven Knowledge-Management through Evolving Ontologies (IST project)
IBROW - An Intelligent Brokering Service for Knowledge-Component Reuse on the World-Wide Web (IST project)
LEAP - Lightweight Extensible Agent Platform (IST project)
EXMO - Computer mediated exchange of structured knowledge (INRIA Grenoble)
ACACIA - Acquisition des connaissances pour l'assistance a la conception par interaction entre agents (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
C-Web - Supporting Community-Webs (Community Web, INRIA)
KIRMIT - Knowledge-based Indexing and Retrieval of Multimedia Information (SWI, University of Amsterdam and IMSE, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
SHOE - Simple HTML Ontology Extensions (University of Maryland)
AKT - 'Advanced Knowledge Technologies' to support organizational knowledge management (Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC))
Protege-2000 - tools for ontology construction and knowledge editing (interdiciplinary Stanford Medical Informatics initiative)
Non-technical or survey articles
The Semantic Web: A Primer (and more articles from , such as Primed for the Semantic Web )
XML and the Second Generation Web (Scientific American, feature article, May 1999)
Is There an Intelligent Agent in Your Future? (by James Hendler, Nature, March 1999)
The future of television: Metadata in the new millenium (Broadcast Engineering, December 1999)
Semantic Research for Digital Libraries (DLib Magazine, October 1999
XML resources & tutorials
Extensible Markup Language (XML) - the W3C XML entry point - resources, tutorials, guides, toolboxes, events, ...
XMLephant - 'the big XML resource'
Apache XML Project - open source XML software - Tutorials on XMLSchema and XSL
XML School - introductory texts and tutorials
RDF resources & tutorials
Resource Description Framework (RDF) - the W3C RDF entry point
Dave Beckett's Resource Description Framework (RDF) Resource Guide (examples, documents, software, tools and projects)
RDF survey - a comprehensive list of links to RDF resources
An introduction to RDF - Exploring the standard for Web-based metadata (introductory text by Uche Ogbuji )
RDF Site Summary (RSS) - a lightweight multipurpose extensible metadata description and syndication format
Notation 3 - Ideas about Web Architecture - yet another notation (by Tim Berners-Lee)
Ontology resources & tutorials
Ontologies for the Semantic Web - maintained by Alexander Maedche & York Sure
Ontology Inference Layer OIL - a web-based representation and inference layer for ontologies
Descriptive and Formal Ontology - a slightly philosophical approach with useful links - the Markup Languages and Ontologies page at
AI Techniques for Knowledge Management - tutorial including ontologies in a corporate knowledge management context
Agent resources
Agent-Based Systems - a 'small' portal maintained by Sverker Janson, Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Intelligent Agents WWW sites - references to agent R&D compiled by Gary Spiers of Lancaster University
multiagent-bookmarks - maintained on by Jose M. Vidal (University of South Carolina)
DAML-0-5 - W3C discussion document on the Darpa Agent Markup Language
Multimedia special
The MPEG Home Page
MPEG-7 (Multimedia Content Description Interface) - a 'small' MPEG7 portal
SMIL Synchronized Multimedia - the W3C multimedia page
NEuroNet Roadmap - on the Use of Neural Networks and Other Computational Intelligence Techniques in Intelligent Multimedia Systems ( NEuroNet : Network of Excellence in Neural Networks)
Multimedia - notes and pointers
Mobile special
CC/PP W3C Working Group (RDF-based framework for the management of device profile information)
WAP Wireless Markup Language Specification (WML)
Designing Wireless Information Services (Book by Johan Hjelm)
Related approaches / initiatives
Topic Maps
Notion System
The Data Grid (IST project) - part of a global scientific computing initiative to share computing and data resources across widely distributed scientific communities

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