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2nd IST Call Projects

The 2nd IST Call (September 1999) included the IAF action lines:

Five RTD projects and one Trial project have been selected:

( IST-1999-20993) - Creating, Assessing and Rendering in Real Time of High Quality Audio-Visual Environments in MPEG-4 Context (RTD / MPA)
(IST-1999-20194) - Content-based Unified Interfaces and Descriptors for Audio/music Databases available Online (RTD / MPA)
(IST-1999-20502) - Unified Intelligent Access to Heterogeneous Audiovisual Content (RTD / MPA)
(IST-1999-20646) - Augmenting everyday environments through interactive soundscapes (RTD / MSC)
(IST-1999-20408) - Personalised Retrieval and Indexing of Media Assets in Virtual Environments for Real-time Access (RTD / MPA)
( IST-1999-21022) - Real-time Interactive Multiple Media: Content Generation Using High Performance Computing and Multi-Parametric Interfaces (Trial / MSC)

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