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Workshops and Concertation Activities

IAF has organised a number of workshops and concertation activities , most notably on:

IAF now takes the lead in shaping the Knowledge Technologies area of IST under the 6th Framework Programme. As a result of its participation in the formal FP6 consultation process a report on the Knowledge Technologies consultation meeting has been issued.

Recent events were the IAF Workshop 15-16 May 2002 in order to bring together all the projects related to the Semantic Web action line of the 7th IST call. Some 80 experts attended,providing many ideas for the RTD agenda and workprogramme < REPORT >.

A longer-term view of Knowledge Technologies - going into the next decade – emerged from an expert workshop held on 27-28 June 2002. < REPORT >.

An Infoday on Knowledge Technologies in FP6 (2002-2006) was held on 23-24 th October 2002 in Luxembourg with some 300+participants

Infodays related documentation

Last updated: 04|11|2002

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