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Internet Action Plan

Achieving Safer Internet Content

"The Commission supports the principle of user empowerment and user choice to help parents ensure that their children can use the internet safely."
(Erkki Liikanen, Commisioner of the Information Society Directorate-General)

The Safer Internet Action Plan (IAP) is closely related to KA3's activities. The IAP is part of a coherent set of policies at EU level to deal with the proliferation of illegal and harmful content on the internet. The approach is based on a number of guiding principles:

  • Users and industry should not be disproportionately affected;
  • Freedom of expression and the right to privacy should be respected;
  • Law-enforcement authorities should remain responsible for prosecution and punishment; and
  • Illegal content should be removed by industry with help from self-regulatory bodies. Hotlines, filtering and rating systems should all help users avoid such content.

An important focus of this four-year Action Plan is to upgrade the present content rating and filtering software and services. The IAP encourages industry, through funded research projects, to get behind this important initiative. The IAP has a budget of 25 million euro. The Commission has prepared a two-year extension to run to the end of 2004.

Follow this link for more information on IAP and .

Follow this link for more information on Cross-Programme activities .

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